10/31/2004 01:05:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P| Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) Said “Bin Laden Is Trying To Help George Bush Because George Bush Is The Best Recruiter That Al Qaeda Has.” FOX NEWS’ CHRIS WALLACE: “Governor Rendell, let me ask you both but I’ll start with you, how much impact do you think the Bin Laden tape is going to have with voters in your state and which candidate will it help?” GOV. ED RENDELL: “Well, I think it’s actually not going to have much effect. If it helps anybody, it will help the president because it’s just another reminder of the fact that we’re at war and we’re fighting terrorists and that’s the only card that the president has in his hand. But it’s obvious to me that Bin Laden is trying to help George Bush because George Bush is the best recruiter that Al Qaeda has. George Bush is so disliked in the Arab world that we’re creating terrorists every single day. More terrorists than we can even come close to killing.” (Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday,” 10/31/04) Source: RNC, October 31, 2004 |W|P|109925718977845186|W|P|OUTRAGEOUS!|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/31/2004 06:27:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P| Bush, Kerry in dead heat Pioneer Press/MPR poll finds race in state is tied A new statewide poll gives President Bush a narrow 1-point lead over Sen. John Kerry in Minnesota, a margin so small that pollsters call the race a dead heat. Another 4 percent of state voters were undecided. The 48-47 percent margin in a poll commissioned by the St. Paul Pioneer Press and Minnesota Public Radio suggests that Minnesota voters have been barely swayed by months of candidate visits, television ads and frenzied campaigning. Source: Pioneer Press, October 31, 2004 |W|P|109923290954447007|W|P|NEW MINNESOTA POLL: BUSH 48% - KERRY 47%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/30/2004 10:04:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|

Mike Tice, coach of the NFL Minnesota Vikings football team, presents a jersey to U.S. President George W. Bush during a campaign election rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 30, 2004. Bush is campaigning in the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Florida today in the run up to the November 2 presidential election. Source: REUTERS/Jason Reed US ELECTION
|W|P|109919889843017413|W|P|23,000 ATTEND RALLY FOR PRESIDENT BUSH|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/31/2004 08:28:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|Another dumb jock for Bush. He can't even coach a winning team. Let him vote for a loser as well.

Thanks10/31/2004 10:17:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|After Sunday's miserable performance perhaps Tice should have spent Saturday with the team working out a game plan instead of hanging out with a loser.11/01/2004 06:26:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Dawn|W|P|Man, did the jocks in HS pick on you or what?11/01/2004 08:17:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|Ah, Ms. Hairdoo. Nice to hear from you. No, many of my friends are jocks. I only attempted to make a point. It's hypocritcal for Republicans to rag on entertainment types when they come out for Kerry, but attempt to make hay with other entertainment types who come out for Bush. Professional sports figures are in the entertainment business and have as much understanding of domestic and international political issues as you or I. But we all have the right to speak out. What do you think?11/01/2004 12:42:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Dawn|W|P|Once again, Jeff resorts to name-calling right out of the gate. How mature. *rolls eyes*

Having worked in the professional sports industry in marketing and sales for nearly 20 years, I have a better idea of 1) How professional athletes think and 2) Realize that yes, they are in the business of making a profit. I've worked for IMG, and have run businesses for the NHL, several NFL teams, the 2002 SLC Olympmic games, as well as collegiate sports. I know what I'm talking about.

I gather that your friends who are 'jocks' aren't in the professional category. And so what if Tice, Shilling, et al endorse Bush? It's okay with you (and the left) if somebody like Springsteen (millionaire) or Bon Jovi (another millionare)endorses Kerry, but if a pro sports figure endorses Bush, that isn't? You can't have it both ways.

If you want a 'dumb jock' that endorses Kerry, you have Darren Sharper - "Oh, yeah, he's going to win. It's guaranteed," said Packers safety Darren Sharper, a Kerry supporter. "I don't have to vote now. Don't even have to go to the polls. Saved me a trip on Tuesday."

Link: http://www.fraterslibertas.com/2004_11_01_archive.html#10993140951145566611/01/2004 10:34:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|Well, my bad. I see clearly now that you have no problem with entertainment figures expounding on issues and supporting candidates. Please accept my apologies and carry on. Let impoverished and millionaire celebrities get out the vote and educate us.

I assume your "name-calling" reference refers to the "Ms. Hairdoo" comment, one I made in response to your repost on your blog of a critique of the unkemptness of "Democratic women." Something about a hairbrush. I am truly sorry to have to explain this to you and the public. Not that you need it, but you have my permission to return to your "style-over-substance" superficial commentary on matters trivial and weighty. I'll only suggest that your focus on the visible at the expense of the hidden is one reason why we find ourselves in the quagmire known as Iraq.10/30/2004 09:52:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry has opened up a lead over President Bush in Minnesota, a state where the presidential race has for months been considered too close to call. A new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll found Kerry with the support of 49 percent of likely voters, while Bush is supported by 41 percent. Source: Star Tribune, October 31, 2004 There is no way Kerry has a 9 point lead in Minnesota. The Star Tribune has done it again. My prediction is this will be Rob Daves last major poll for the Star Tribune because on Tuesday, he will be proved wrong again. With 8 minutes to spare, I have found today's DFL DAILY DECEIT. |W|P|109919863646920923|W|P|DFL DAILY DECEITS #45|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/30/2004 01:47:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new Washington Post/ABC News poll has President Bush with 50% and John Kerry with 47%. Source: Washington Post, October 30, 2004 |W|P|109916929975978540|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 50% - KERRY 47%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/30/2004 01:42:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new Newsweek poll has President Bush with 50% and John Kerry with 44%. Source: Newsweek, October 30, 2004 |W|P|109916911463580726|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 50% - KERRY 44%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/30/2004 07:48:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|
"But when they are held up side by side, it is clear to us that Bush has the sharper vision for a prosperous and safe 21st century." "We believe he will lead the country with decisiveness that Kerry cannot muster." "The president has led post 9/11 America with strength and resolve. His steadiness and calming presence on that September day three years ago and in the weeks that followed helped the nation cope with the unthinkable" "Kerry said in the recent debates that he would ‘get the job done’ and bring our troops home. But saying it cannot make it so, no matter how often you repeat that promise. Kerry has not provided sufficient detail about how he might wage the war differently." "Kerry would also repeal the Bush capital gains and dividend tax cuts. But Kerry’s proposals are a prescription for an economic disaster, a sharp yank on the brake for an economy that is just starting to roll again." "Four years of strategically targeted tax cuts have sparked a recovery, granted one marked by frustrating fits and starts." "Kerry, taking a page from the Bobby McFerrin songbook, tells us in regards to Social Security: 'Don’t worry. Be happy.'" "But we believe that the battle must be taken to the terrorists who attacked us, rather than being fought on the streets of our American cities. President Bush understands that, has built his foreign policy around it, in fact." "Bush displays strength and resolve necessary to vanquish our foes and keep America safe. He is the better choice to lead America in the next four years."
|W|P|109914610289200882|W|P|BREAKING NEWS|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/30/2004 05:31:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|

This picture was sent to me by a dedicated reader.
|W|P|109913933820404022|W|P|MAN'S BEST FRIEND!|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/30/2004 05:22:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|

I think the vandals are getting lazy.
|W|P|109913893105163149|W|P|LAWN SIGN VANDALS STRIKE AGAIN!|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/29/2004 01:44:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Congressman Oberstar sent out a news release informing voters that they could request a provisional ballot on Election Day when in fact Minnesota doesn’t even have provisional balloting in this election. I find it very hard to believe that the most senior member of Minnesota's congressional delegation is unaware of Minnesota's election laws. |W|P|109908304225194383|W|P|DFL DAILY DECEITS #44|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/29/2004 12:54:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new GW/Battleground has President Bush with 51% and John Kerry with 46%. Source: GW/Battleground, October 29, 2004 |W|P|109907973218502985|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 51% - KERRY 46%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/29/2004 12:48:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new FOX News poll has President Bush with 50% and John Kerry with 45%. Source: FOX News poll, October 29, 2004 |W|P|109907936005583894|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 50% - KERRY 45%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/29/2004 10:42:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P| A U.S. Army officer came forward Friday to say a team from his 3rd Infantry Division took about 250 tons of munitions and other material from the Al-Qaqaa arms-storage facility soon after Saddam Hussein's regime fell in April 2003. Explosives were part of the load taken by the team, but Major Austin Pearson was unable to say what percentage they accounted for. The Pentagon believes the disclosure helps explain what happened to 377 tons of high explosives that the International Atomic Energy Agency said disappeared after the U.S.-led invasion. Source: FOX News, October 29, 2004 |W|P|109907182856045684|W|P|BREAKING NEWS: U.S. TEAM TOOK 250 TONS OF IRAQI MUNITIONS|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/29/2004 03:16:00 PM|W|P|Blogger MN Politics Guru|W|P|Really? Does this explain it? Munitions aren't exactly "explosives," and the spokespeople admit themselves that they don't know how much explosives were actually destroyed among those munitions.

Why can't this Republican president simply admit that a mistake was made in not guarding this facility? Why can't he even admit one mistake?10/28/2004 08:37:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new Zogby Minnesota poll has President Bush with 46% and John Kerry with 45%. Source: Zogby Poll, October 28, 2004 |W|P|109902108598426568|W|P|NEW MINNESOTA POLL: BUSH 46% - KERRY 45% |W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/28/2004 04:57:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|This is just for fun. ABC'S CHARLIE GIBSON: "Well, well said, Curt and Shonda. You both have certainly lifelong membership now in the Red Sox nation. It was a great thing to watch, and I think everybody – whether they were great Red Sox fans or not – had to admire what this team did. It was extraordinary, and one of the great stories of sport. And sport always produces such great stories. Curt, Shonda, great to have you with us. Congratulations." CURT AND SHONDA SCHILLING: "Thank You." CURT SCHILLING: "And make sure you tell everybody to vote, and vote Bush next week." (ABC's "Good Morning America," 10/28/04) Source: RNC |W|P|109900472027025976|W|P|RED SOX SAID IT!|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/29/2004 06:08:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|I thought you folks had a problem with ignorant lefty entertainment types meddling in your politics. I guess it's ok for dumb righty jocks to express their ill informed opinions. Yikes. More Republican hypocracy.10/29/2004 08:43:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Dawn|W|P|"Dumb righty jock".What a typical whiny lib statement. Shilling is the guy you wish you were. I'd like to see you throw a heater like him. At least he earns his money.

BTW, his wife has been battling melanoma for some years now, and he's done great work in raising funds for melanoma research, which is more than your hero Moore has ever done.10/28/2004 01:08:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new Rasmussen poll has President Bush with 48.9% and John Kerry with 46.9%. Source: Rasmussen Poll, October 28, 2004 |W|P|109899421125860671|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 48.9% - KERRY 46.9%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/28/2004 12:58:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|More details are now available on Patty Wetterling's new negative campaign ad attacking Congressman Kennedy. On Sunday, Wetterling said the following during a live TV debate on KSTP: “I promised to run a positive campaign, and I’ve done that, I keep my word. I stand on the issues…I have never stood in front of a camera and said Mark Kennedy believes this or Mark Kennedy believes that.….So I stand on the integrity of my work, I said I would run a positive campaign and I have done that..” Two days later she was on TV with a false, negative ad attacking Kennedy. Below is an analysis of the statement made in the attack ad. Claim: “Mark Kennedy voted against letting us buy cheaper drugs from Canada.” Source: CQ Votes 445, 7/25/03, 624 11/18/03 Clarification: Congressman Gutknecht has introduced two pieces of legislation regarding reimporting prescription drugs. The first, in 2001, applied only to personal reimportation. The 2003 legislation applies to personal and commercial reimportation. Mark supported the first, and did not support the second because of the key safety provisions it eliminated. The vote that is listed as a source to this ad refers to the vote in 2003. The second vote listed on screen is purely procedural. The amendment in 2001 maintained key safety provisions from the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act; whereas H.R. 2427 in 2003 ELIMINATES key safety provisions: The requirement under current law which would not permit reimportation until the Secretary of HHS demonstrates that it will pose “no additional risk” to public health and safety. The sunset provision in current law, which ensures that if reimportation in fact opens the floodgates to unapproved and counterfeit drugs, reimportation is off the books in 5 years. Under current law, pharmacists and wholesalers must provide information to the FDA when they reimport prescription drugs. This critical information (name and amount of active ingredient, etc) would have been eliminated with H.R. 2427. Also under current law, an importer must provide the FDA with documentation from the foreign seller specifying the original source of the drug and the amount of each lot of the product originally received. H.R. 2427 eliminates the pedigree requirement, so neither the FDA nor the consumer will know anything about the product’s history prior to its possession by the foreign seller. Also in current law, reimportation cannot resume until FDA completes an investigation and determines that the public health is adequately protected, when an agency is contacted for multiple legal indescretions. Under H.R. 2427, however, reimportation resumes as soon as the investigation is complete, no matter whether the illegal conduct stops and no matter how dangerous the Secretary concludes the products are. Claim: “And voted against guaranteed coverage for mammograms.” Source: CQ Vote 796, 6/19/03 Clarification: The bill referred to in this source is actually the passage of Association Health Plans, there is no provision in it that refers to mammograms. Claim: “He voted to cut overtime pay.” Source: CQ Votes 351, 7/10/03, 531 10/2/03, 434, 9/9/04 Clarification: The votes referenced refer to Amendments to the FY04 and FY 05 Labor-HHS Appropriations bills. These amendments would block the Labor Department from enforcing new white collar overtime reforms which took effect on August 23rd of this year. The final rule enacted by the DOL guarantees overtime protections for 6.7 million working Americans, including 1.3 million MORE workers who were unprotected by the old rules. Also, the final rule contains important states exemptions (not included in the first version of the rule) that allow police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, EMTs, first responders, and licensed practical nurses to stay eligible for overtime pay. The final rule states: · Workers making less than $23,660/year are entitled to overtime regardless of their duties. · Workers between $23,660-100,000/year are subject to a modified duties test for eligibility. · Workers earning over $100,000/year regardless of duties are overtime ineligible. · And it modernizes parts of the duties test with modern jobs definitions. Claim: “And Kennedy’s even voted against more funds to prevent terrorists from getting nuclear weapons.” Source: CQ Votes 322 and 323, 6/25/04 Clarification: This claim refers to two amendments to the Energy and Water Appropriations bill. The first is the Wilson Amendment that would have cut $5 million from the Department of Energy’s administrative accounts, and put that money into two different programs in the defense nuclear nonproliferation account. The amendment was defeated 163 to 224. Only one member of the Minnesota delegation voted for it, Congresswoman McCollum. The second is the Meehan Amendment, to cut funds that maintain our nuclear weapons, would have put it into nuclear nonproliferation activity in order to fund another one. The amendment would have cut $30 million from the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Nuclear Weapons program and it would have put that money into the NNSA Defense Nuclear nonproliferation account, essentially taking from one non-proliferation program to fund another. This Congress has led the way in funding the important work of nonproliferation and counter-proliferation. They have increased by $177 million our efforts to secure hundreds of metric tons of weapons-grade nuclear material in Russia that is still stored under inadequate security and is subject to theft or diversion. Further, the House provided a $372 million increase to the National Nuclear Security Agency, which has been on the front lines around the world; preventing the trade in technology and materials needed to produce weapons of mass destruction.The Global Threat Reduction Initiative by the Bush administration would realign nonproliferation and counter-proliferation activities already being performed across the Department of Energy. Thus, it is being increased through the substantial funding plus-ups – over 20% - Congress has provided to counter-proliferation and nonproliferation. Since Rep. Kennedy came to office, funding for nonproliferation and counterproliferation activities has been increased from $1.743 billion in FY02 to over $2.172 billion in FY05 – this is an increase of over $429 million, or 20%. |W|P|109899265654202263|W|P|DFL DAILY DECEITS #43|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/28/2004 09:21:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|UPDATE: According to MPR, three teenagers have been charged with a felony for defacing a Gulf War Veteran's Bush-Cheney lawn signs. ## This past weekend, a homemade Bush-Cheney lawn sign and sidewalk in Duluth were vandalized with references to the Nazi Party. This is not the first time that the DFL and Kerry supporters in Minnesota have used Adolf Hitler in political attacks against President Bush. Last week, the DFL Party distributed bumper stickers comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler. ### DIRTY POLITICS:The owner of vandalized property deplores a spray-painted connection to the Nazi Party. Vandalism of Bush campaign signs in the front yard of Bob James' London Road home escalated over the weekend to new levels of malice. A green swastika was spray-painted onto James' sidewalk. The words "Nazi" and "Liar" were painted over Bush-Cheney campaign signs and two of his vehicles were damaged. The signs had been vandalized before, but this time the language was uglier. In addition, the back window of an SUV was broken and the door of a pickup truck was dented, apparently with a chunk of asphalt, James said. The vandalism led a group of James' friends, neighbors and supporters to announce Monday that they are offering a $1,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of those responsible. "We're providing support to Bob, telling him to stay in the fight," Todd Fedora said in announcing the reward. "He's not the type of person that is going to allow these kinds of actions to temper his enthusiasm for the presidential campaign. But when does it stop? "When does something go through his window? When do they spray-paint his siding? When do they burn down his signs? When do they do something that puts his family in danger? That's what we're concerned about. This has stepped way over the line." Fedora, who was defeated in his bid for City Council last year, said he met James last fall when he asked for and received permission to put campaign signs in James' yard. Duluth police Sgt. Scott Campbell said the incidents of vandalism at James' home are being investigated. He said anyone with information should call him at 730-5547. James seemed more disappointed than angry about the latest vandalism. "It doesn't do any good to get angry at everybody else when there are a few radicals that think they can get away with scare tactics," he said. "I consider it a hate crime. If they only knew what 'Nazi' stood for. The reference to either President Bush or myself with 'Nazi' and 'swastika' is disturbing." James grew up in Wentworth, Wis., 20 miles east of Superior. He spent 10 years in the Army as a communications specialist stationed in California and Germany. His son, Robert Francis James III, 19, and his daughter-in-law, Jessica, are both serving in the Air Force in Utah. His youngest son, Kyle, is a senior at Duluth East High School who has already taken the Air Force enlistment oath as part of its delayed enlistment program and will join the service when he graduates in June. James, 42, said he was born and raised a Democrat but changed his view while in the Army. The first president he voted for was Ronald Reagan by absentee ballot. "I had my eyes opened when I joined the military because of the defense cuts and defense spending," he said. "As a father, husband, veteran and sportsman, I support George W. Bush. It scares me to think what would happen if somebody else was in there." James' wife, Elaine, is involved with the local Republican Party. He was invited to be one of the speakers when Laura Bush campaigned for her husband in Duluth last week. "I was terrified," James said of appearing on the Republican stage. "I am not a politician." Damage to one of the vehicles and the spray-painting occurred between 3 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. Sunday. The other vehicle was damaged Friday night or early Saturday morning. James had a surveillance video in the front window of his home, but he didn't have it ready to go with new film Saturday night. He had Laura Bush's speech on the videotape and he didn't want to record over it. James said he had no idea that two 4-by-8-foot sheets of plywood displaying his painting of a bald eagle, a Bush highway sign, flag motif and words of support for the Republican ticket that he put up on Aug. 3 would lead him to this notoriety. "I guess what I want people to know is that I believe everybody has a right to speak and show their support for whichever candidate they want, but don't come into my yard and deface my property," he said. "If you want to talk to me, come and talk to me. I'm an easygoing guy." Source: Duluth News-Tribune, September 14, 2004 ## The Republican Party of Minnesota has posted the pictures on their website. |W|P|109519265474937515|W|P|GULF WAR VETERAN'S BUSH LAWN SIGNS ARE VANDALIZED WITH NAZI SYMBOLS!|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com9/16/2004 09:57:00 PM|W|P|Blogger In-Sanity|W|P|So, now that we all know the sign vandalism was done by some teenagers who have confessed and also indicated they do not want to be identified as Democrats, are you going to remove this item from the Minnesota Democrats Exposed page? Or are you going to leave it here to continue to give people the wrong impression because it suits your purpose?10/27/2004 07:48:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|

|W|P|109893142402590328|W|P|LAWN SIGN VANDALS STRIKE AGAIN!|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/27/2004 12:50:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|
Earlier this week, Wetterling's campaign began "Patty's Promise Tour." Based on the recent polls that show her trailing Congressman Mark Kennedy by 18 points, she must have finally realized that she actually needs to talk with voters and articulate a platform.
But the goal of the tour is to highlight Patty's dedication to keeping her promises.
Patty's Promise Tour
Sixth months ago when Wetterling decided to run for Congress she made herself three promises that she posted on her refrigerator door. She intends to take these vows to Congress with her: - I will not lie - I will not promise more than I can deliver - I will not compromise my integrity "These three promises will guide me as I take the causes of Minnesota’s families to Congress,” Wetterling said. “My promise to the people of Sixth District is that I will work everyday, with either party necessary, to put the interests of our people over the special interests in Washington." Source: Wetterling for Congress Wetterling has been caught in more than one lie over the past few days and you can now add "Patty's Promise Tour" to the growing list of lies. |W|P|109890668228258464|W|P|WETTERLING'S CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCES "PATTY'S PROMISE TOUR" IN ATTEMPT TO COVER-UP HER LIES |W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/27/2004 12:16:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|"Wetterling says she hates negative ads and refuses to attack her opponent." Source: Star Tribune, October 10, 2004 Wetterling must have now decided that she likes negative ads because she is attacking Congressman Mark Kennedy in a new ad. The MN GOP has a copy of the ad. |W|P|109890499140538769|W|P|DFL DAILY DECEITS #42|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/27/2004 12:51:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Patrick|W|P|Of course, let's not forget that Kennedy himself denounced campaign negativity, and yet when election time came around, he unleashed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of negative ads.10/27/2004 09:59:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|On the heals of a visit by actor Ashton Kutcher, Leonardo DiCaprio visits Minnesota today for campaign events on behalf of John Kerry. If you are intersted in hearing Leo's thoughts national security, the economy, or the war on terror, I have included his schedule: St. Paul 4:30 p.m. at Hamline University 6:00 p.m. at Kerry - Edwards' office Northfield 7:30 p.m. at St. Olaf College Please prepare yourself for an intellectual presentation. |W|P|109889594450159547|W|P|A SINKING CAMPAIGN BRINGS IN THE STAR OF "TITANIC"|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/26/2004 08:04:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|

Both of these signs were located on Highway 36

A picture is truly worth a thousand words.
|W|P|109884588049937690|W|P|LAWN SIGN VANDALS STRIKE AGAIN!|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/26/2004 09:29:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|More "proof" that Republicans are not only evil but also not too bright:


Man knocks himself out stealing campaign signs

Fri Oct 22, 4:55 PM ET Crimes and Trials - Court TV

By Tinuola Awopetu, Court TV

(Court TV) — A Republican in Colorado fell flat on his face trying to steal campaign signs touting John Kerry (news - web sites) and other local Democratic candidates.

According to Wheat Ridge Police spokesperson Officer Lisa Stigall, Randal Wagner was already wanted for questioning about a rash of campaign-sign thefts when he was discovered lying unconscious across a stolen sign Oct. 13.

Earlier that evening, a homeowner reported to police that he saw Wagner, 50, cutting down a campaign sign bolted to his fence. The sign was in support of a local Democratic candidate running for Congress.

The man confronted Wagner, who allegedly fled in a truck with his wife. The man gave the vehicle's plate number to police.

While police located the Wagners' home, Wagner was busy at work on another sign put up by a store in the business district, Stigall said.

But he encountered resistance.

"He already had the sign in hand and was running out of the parking lot when he tripped over a low chain that blocked off the driveway," Stigall said.

Wagner fell flat on his face and was knocked unconscious. His wife, unaware of his accident, remained in the car.

An officer driving by noticed the figure lying on the ground and called for an ambulance. Wagner was treated for cuts and abrasions to his face.

Police discovered two dozen campaign signs in the back of the couple's truck and issued Wagner a summons for theft, trespassing, criminal tampering and disorderly conduct.

The outcome of the presidential race won't be the only thing keeping Wagner on his toes in November. He's scheduled to appear in court Nov. 22 to find out if he'll receive jail time.10/26/2004 05:18:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|
Instead Of Waiting For Full Story, Kerry Gins Up His Attack Machine Based On Flawed New York Times Reporting
Before 1:30 am Monday Morning, Kerry Campaign Advisor Joe Lockhart Alleged Cover Up. “Today, the Bush administration must answer for what may be the most grave and catastrophic mistake in a tragic series of blunders in Iraq. How did they fail to secure nearly 380 tons of known, deadly explosives despite clear warnings from the International Atomic Energy Agency to do so? And why was this information unearthed by reporters – and was it covered up by our national security officials?” (John Kerry For President, “Lockhart Statement On Reports Of Missing Explosives In Iraq,” Press Release, 10/25/04; CNN’s “The Morning Grind,” 10/25/04) Kerry Said U.S. Troops “Failed To Guard Those Stockpiles.” “After being warned about the danger of major stockpiles of explosives in Iraq, this administration failed to guard those stockpiles - where nearly 380 tons of highly explosive weapons were kept.” (John Kerry For President, “Kerry Statement On Bush’s Failure To Secure Explosives In Iraq,” Press Release, 10/25/04) And Called Supposed Failure To Safeguard Iraqi Explosives Depot “One Of The Great Blunders” Of War. “Kerry, who hopes that appearances by Clinton in at least three battleground states this week will mobilize supporters, seized on news reports that tons of explosives had disappeared from a military installation south of Baghdad after the United States invaded Iraq. ‘The incredible incompetence of this president and this administration has put our troops at risk, and put this country at greater risk than we ought to be,’ Kerry said, calling the missing explosives ‘one of the great blunders’ of Bush’s war effort.” (Michael Finnegan and Mark Z. Barabak, “Sharper Barbs As Nov. 2 Nears,” Los Angeles Times, 10/26/04)
NBC Nightly News Reported That On April 10, 2003, One Day After Baghdad Fell, U.S. Troops Entered Al-Qaqaa And Did Not Find Explosives. NBC’S JIM MIKLASZEWSKI: “April 10, 2003, only three weeks into the war, NBC News was embedded with troops from the Army’s 101st Airborne as they temporarily take over the Al-Qaqaa weapons installation south of Baghdad. But these troops never found the nearly 380 tons of some of the most powerful conventional explosives, called HMX and RDX, which is now missing. The U.S. troops did find large stockpiles of more conventional weapons, but no HMX or RDX, so powerful less than a pound brought down Pan Am 103 in 1988, and can be used to trigger a nuclear weapon. In a letter this month, the Iraqi interim government told the International Atomic Energy Agency the high explosives were lost to theft and looting due to lack of security. Critics claim there were simply not enough U.S. troops to guard hundreds of weapons stockpiles, weapons now being used by insurgents and terrorists to wage a guerrilla war in Iraq.” (NBC’s “Nightly News,” 10/25/04) No Materials Under IAEA Seals Were Discovered When Coalition Troops Searched Site In April 2003. “Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said U.S.-led forces searched the Qaqaa facility after the invasion. ‘Coalition forces were present in the vicinity at various times during and after major combat operations,’ he said. ‘The forces searched 32 bunkers and 87 other buildings at the facility. While some explosive material was discovered, none of it carried IAEA seals.’” (Colum Lynch and Bradley Graham, “Iraqi Explosives Missing, U.N. Is Told,” The Washington Post, 10/26/04) IAEA Head Told U.N. Security Council Explosives Were Unaccounted For One Month Before Invasion. “IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei told the U.N. Security Council one month before the allied invasion that Iraq had moved some of its highly explosive HMX from the Al Qaqaa site. The United Nations could not verify Iraqi claims that it used the explosives for commercial uses. The missing explosives include HMX as well as RDX, two highly explosive substances used to make C-5 plastic devices that can be used for legitimate commercial purposes, or by terrorists to bring down an airplane.” (Rowan Scarborough, “Pentagon Responds To Missing-Explosives Report,” The Washington Times, 10/26/04) “The Pentagon Also Said Allies Have Cleared More Than 10,000 Arms Caches Since April 2003, Destroying More Than 240,000 Tons Of Arms And Explosives. Another 162,000 Tons Are Awaiting Destruction.” (Rowan Scarborough, “Pentagon Responds To Missing-Explosives Report,” The Washington Times, 10/26/04) Site In Question Was “Medium Priority” On List Of “More Than 500 Sites” With Iraqi Weapons Caches. “One senior official noted that the Qaqaa complex where the explosives HMX and RDX were stored was listed as a ‘medium priority’ site on the CIA's list of more than 500 sites that needed to be searched and secured during the invasion.” (James Glanz, William J. Broad And David E. Sanger, “Huge Cache Of Explosives Vanished From Site In Iraq,” The New York Times, 10/25/04)
Kerry Still Falsely Claims “Explosives Vanished” Because Of Bush Administration Failures. “Yesterday, we learned that nearly 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives vanished from one of Iraq's most sensitive military installations, after the invasion. Just as the Bush Administration's failure to secure Iraq's borders has led to thousands of terrorists flooding into the country, their failure to secure those explosives threatens American troops and the American people. Before the war, the explosives were monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which warned the Bush Administration that they could fall into the wrong hands. And it urged the Bush Administration to secure them. But we rushed to war in Iraq without a plan to safeguard sensitive sites like this one. And now, the explosives are missing, unaccounted for, and could be in the hands of terrorists - used to attack our troops or our people.” (Sen. John Kerry, Remarks In Green Bay, WI, 10/26/04) New York Times Ignores NBC News Report. “The White House sought on Monday to explain the disappearance of 380 tons of high explosives in Iraq that American forces were supposed to secure, as Senator John Kerry seized on the missing cache as ;one of the great blunders of Iraq; and said President Bush's ‘incredible incompetence’ had put American troops at risk. … [E]ven as Mr. Bush pressed his case [against Kerry], his aides tried to explain why American forces had ignored warnings from the International Atomic Energy Agency about the vulnerability of the huge stockpile of high explosives, whose disappearance was first reported on Monday by CBS and The New York Times.” (David E. Sanger, “Iraq Explosives Become Issue In Campaign,” The New York Times, 10/26/04) Source: RNC, October 26, 2004 |W|P|109883681468828609|W|P|NEVER MIND FACTS, BLAME AMERICA|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/26/2004 03:11:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|"The mystery surrounding the disappearance of 380 tons of powerful explosives from a storage depot in Iraq has taken a new twist, after a television news crew embedded with the U.S. military during the invasion of Iraq reported that the material could not be found when American troops arrived." Source: CNN, October 26, 2004 But this new revelation has not stopped the Kerry campaign from running a new ad called "obligation" which FALSELY blames the U.S. troops and President Bush for not securing these explosive. Please click here to view the ad. |W|P|109882844697134430|W|P|DFL DAILY DECEITS #41|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/26/2004 03:50:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Bork Bork Cheese|W|P|The Exposer has got his facts wrong. The news crew was NBC, and their own reporters say that the troops they were embedded with were not involved in weapons searches, and that it's not clear they were anywhere near the bunkers that contained the now-missing explosives. The fact is, Kerry's ad is correct.10/26/2004 03:53:00 PM|W|P|Blogger MN Politics Guru|W|P|¿Que esta fumando?

It's a bit too late to say that they were already missing when the troops got there, seeing as how the troops never checked in the first place. Why? There weren't enough of them, of course. Kerry is right on the money on this issue, and Bush has a lot to answer for.10/25/2004 08:30:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|This letter to the Star Tribune asks that question. An unprepared candidate It is obvious that Patty Wetterling just does not get it. The DFL Party spent a lot of time to recruit her to run against Mark Kennedy because it had no other candidate. It probably failed to inform her that getting into politics will greatly tarnish her good name and all the good she has done for all children. It failed to tell her that any money she receives will be fairly criticized by the Mark Kennedy campaign. It also failed to let her come up with any kind of platform. Bob Petersen, Little Canada Source: Star Tribune, October 26, 2004 |W|P|109876149835612604|W|P|IS PATTY WETTERLING READY FOR CONGRESS?|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/25/2004 08:49:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Bork Bork Cheese|W|P|I have taken the liberty of correcting some typos in that letter.

It probably failed to inform her that Mark Kennedy and the NRCC will greatly tarnish her good name and all the good she has done for all children, all in the name of winning at any cost.

It failed to tell her that any money she receives will be unfairly criticized and misrepresented by the Mark Kennedy campaign.
10/26/2004 05:54:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Dawn|W|P|Borky - Whine on. The blogosphere has exposed the MSM and their cohorts in the DNC for what they are. Frauds.10/25/2004 07:38:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|This is a new low in Minnesota politics. ## GOP supporters cry foul over DFL fliers Third-graders are too young to vote, but some of them in Maplewood came home from school last week with fliers advertising a political fundraiser for DFL legislative candidate Leon Lillie. The incident at Weaver Elementary School has sparked a formal complaint against Lillie from supporters of his Republican opponent, Jan Steiner. But Lillie said Monday he had nothing to do with the distribution and a school spokeswoman said the fliers were never supposed to go to children. Source: Star Tribune, October 26, 2004 |W|P|109875849260756155|W|P|CAMPAIGN FLIERS SENT HOME WITH THIRD-GRADERS|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/25/2004 10:23:00 PM|W|P|Blogger bheagle|W|P|This is just wrong. It seems that the teacher unions have brainwashed all educators into voting for Democrats, and it appears that this way of thinking is getting passed down to the students. As a future teacher, this kind of thing frustrates me.

Keep up the good work. I linked to your site, and I'll be sure to check back for more updates on Minnesota politics.10/26/2004 11:08:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|I appreciate your comments and stop back for updates.10/25/2004 06:55:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|

This guy looks a little old to be attending college
More of the middle finger
The number eight must match his IQ
|W|P|109875455696077977|W|P|PICTURES OF PEOPLE WELCOMING THE COLLEGE REPUBLICAN FLOAT TO THE U OF M HOMECOMING PARADE|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/25/2004 03:34:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Five Minnesota newspapers and North Dakota's largest newspaper have endorsed President Bush for re-election, arguing he would make a better commander in chief in a post-Sept. 11 world. The West Central Tribune (Willmar), the Red Wing Republican Eagle, the Daily Globe (Worthington), the Pioneer (Bemidji), The Journal (New Ulm) and The Forum (Fargo, N.D.) endorsed Bush in the past four days. In a Sunday editorial, The Forum called John Kerry an "opportunist" who changes positions when it fits his political ambitions. The editorial described Bush as "clear, decisive and unwavering." "In a time of war, there is something to be said for a commander in chief who sends clear messages to enemies and potential enemies," The Forum said. The Journal's editorial said Bush "stood like a rock" after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and "will not waver" in protecting the country in the years to come. The editorial also attacked Kerry's plan to finance domestic programs by taxing Americans making the most money, saying it's not economically feasible. Several of the newspapers acknowledged what they called "mistakes" by Bush, but argued that he has kept his word on fighting terrorism. "There is nothing so critical as what is happening in Iraq today," the Daily Globe said. "The president, for all his mistakes, remains the only candidate in this election who can be trusted to fight for ultimate victory in Iraq." All the newspapers are owned by Forum Communications except for The Journal. Source: Associated Press, October 25, 2004 |W|P|109874375686678440|W|P|FIVE MN NEWSPAPERS ENDORSE BUSH FOR REELECTION|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/25/2004 01:37:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new CNN/USA TODAY/ABC News poll has President Bush with 51% and John Kerry with 46%. Source: CNN/USA TODAY/ABC News, October 25, 2004 |W|P|109873673745242618|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 51% - KERRY 46%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/25/2004 11:32:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new Zogby poll has President Bush with 48% and John Kerry with 45%. Source: Zogby, October 25, 2004 |W|P|109872923112849334|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 48% - KERRY 45%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/25/2004 07:28:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P| "He has told lies..." Source: KSTP, Star Tribune, October 25, 2004 Patty Wetterling made this statement last night during her debate with Congressman Mark Kennedy. Wetterling is the only candidate telling lies in this campaign. She lied last night when she said she wouldn't raise taxes and she is lying now about Congressman Kennedy. |W|P|109871437419953929|W|P|DFL DAILY DECEITS #40|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/25/2004 09:21:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|And your evidence that Patty is lying when she says she wouldn't raise taxes is what exactly? That all Dems lie? Before you answer try to remember the numerous position changes taken by your man Dubya during the course of his checkered "career."

Thanks10/25/2004 11:39:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Wetterling has repeated said that she would roll-back President Bush's tax cuts:

"And she [Wetterling] has said she would maintain tax cuts for middle-income families and small businesses and roll back cuts only for high-income earners." Star Tribune, October 21, 2004

"She [Wetterling] said that she would consider rolling back tax cuts only for those making $200,000 or more a year..." Star Tribune, October 10, 2004

"Wetterling said she supports rolling back tax cuts for households that earn more than…" St. Cloud Times, October 10, 2004

Wetterling would roll-back tax cuts and that is a tax increase.10/24/2004 08:26:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new Rasmussen Minnesota poll has President Bush with 48% and John Kerry with 46%. Source: Rasmussen Poll, October 24, 2004 |W|P|109867482342548856|W|P|NEW MINNESOTA POLL: BUSH 48% - KERRY 46% |W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/25/2004 09:25:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|This might be of interest to any of the polled or potential voters desiring a strong father-figure in office who can win the war against the terrorists and keep us all safe.


The Last Reason to Vote for Bush -- GONE!

Monday, October 25, 2004
The Last Reason to Vote for Bush -- GONE!
You know, despite the bad news flowing out of Iraq, the economy tanking for about the third time in four years (have you seen the stock market and oil prices?), and the polarization caused by the current junta, many people have cited Bush as their choice, because they feel that he's the one who can make them perfectly safe.

Well, according to George W. Bush himself, we can't be made completely safe.

In a Faux News interview taped Saturday, Bush was asked whether the country always would be vulnerable to another terror attack and if we would have to live with that.

Bush's response: "Yes, because we have to be right 100 per cent of the time in disrupting any plot and they have to be right once... whether or not we can be ever fully safe is up -- you know, up in the air."

Wow. You read it, folks. According to Bush, we can never be safe. Forget the pessimism in the above, think of it more practically...

If no one can make us truly safe, then there's no difference between Bush and Kerry, right? So that means your vote should be based on everything else, right?

We don't need someone like this in the White House for four more years, folks...10/25/2004 09:31:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|The polled and those inclined to vote for a strong steadfast leader who can protect our brothers and sisters in harms way and protect our families here in the homeland might also want to look into the little matter of the 380 tons (that's right, tons) of high explosives that were stolen from an unprotected site sometime after we won the war in Iraq. This stuff was protected before we shocked and awed them. It was unprotected afterwards. The oil facilities were more important. We didn't have enough troops on the ground to do everything. Bremer was notified they were missing months ago. Nobody bothered to tell Condi Rice until recently. Nobody in the administration is taking responsibility. This probably explains all the explosives available for car and backpack bombs. This stuff can be put into missle warheads. This stuff can be used to trigger nuclear bombs.

Now tell me Dubya is the man to keep us all safe and secure. He can strut his stuff but he can't deliver.

Thanks10/25/2004 02:48:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Dubya is the man to keep us all safe and secure10/26/2004 08:38:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|Minnesota Democrat Exposer, in the face of contradictory evidence, states that,

"Dubya is the man to keep us all safe and secure"

But then evidence is secondary here. The mission is to get out the message. Over and over again.

But the failure to secure 380 tons of previously secured explosives after our catastrophic success in Iraq has, unfortunately, real consequences for the troops in harms way and potentially for those of us dwelling in relative "safety" here in the homeland. They say that less than a pound of the stuff brought down the airliner over Lockerbie Scotland. Giving them a pound per airplane, that's 760,000 planes that could be brought down with the amount that was stolen. They say the stuff is so powerful that it can topple buildings. They say it can be used in missile warheads and to detonate nuclear weapons. Where has it gone? How many troops have already and will fall victim to its use? Who is responsible for the failure to secure the cache?

I'm reminded of all the wonderful and awful movies I've seen, where the heroic protector of good and innocence finally succeeds in downing the gun toting devil. What's the first thing they always do? They kick the devil's gun far away so that he cannot pick it up again and use it against anyone. They secure the devil's weapon so that everyone remains safe and secure. Pretty much common sense and I wouldn't be surprised if it is a basic lesson in law enforcement and the military. And if the military understands the importance of this, why then the only explanation for this breakdown in protocol would be that there was a political interference in what should have been military matters. And if that's the case, then just who is responsible? The commander-in-chief?10/24/2004 08:17:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P| A new poll just released by KSTP shows Congressman Mark Kennedy with an 18 point lead over Patty Wetterlings. Party Breakdown Wetterling is supported by 72% of DFL voters Kennedy is supported by 83% of GOP voters Kennedy is supported by 46% of IND voters Wetterling is supported by 33% of IND voters Gender Breakdown Kennedy is supported by 53% of male voters Wetterling is supported by 32% of female voters Kennedy is supported by 51% of women voters Wetterling is supported by 36% of women voters More poll details to follow. |W|P|109867432698802093|W|P|NEW POLL IN 6TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT: KENNEDY 52% - WETTERLING 34%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/24/2004 04:31:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|It took only 8 minutes for Patty Wetterling to lie in her live debate tonight with Congressman Mark Kennedy on KSTP. "I've never said that I was going to raise taxes, uh, that's not true." Source: Patty Wetterling, KSTP Debate, October 24, 2004 But Wetterling has repeated said that she would roll-back President Bush's tax cuts: "And she [Wetterling] has said she would maintain tax cuts for middle-income families and small businesses and roll back cuts only for high-income earners." Star Tribune, October 21, 2004 "She [Wetterling] said that she would consider rolling back tax cuts only for those making $200,000 or more a year..." Star Tribune, October 10, 2004 "Wetterling said she supports rolling back tax cuts for households that earn more than…" St. Cloud Times, October 10, 2004 Wetterling would roll-back tax cuts and that is a tax increase. |W|P|109866073250863564|W|P|DFL DAILY DECEITS #39|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/24/2004 02:11:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|

John Cusack, star of the film "Say Anthing", will campaign in Minnesota on Monday for John Kerry.

I am sure the GOP will have some fun at Cusack's expense, since Kerry will "say anything" to win the presidency. Again, what a joke. |W|P|109865181702356406|W|P|"SAY ANYTHING" STAR TO CAMPAIGN IN MINNESOTA FOR "SAY ANYTHING" CANDIDATE|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/23/2004 06:56:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|

Dude, I am. Ashton Kutcher, star of the film "Dude, Where's My Car?", will be visiting Minnesota on Tuesday for John Kerry. Kutcher will headline a rally with John Edwards at the University of Minnesota. Kerry's campaign obvioulsy thinks that Minnesotans want to listen to a twenty something, obnoxious actor from Hollywood during the closing days of the campaign. Call me old-fashioned, but I don't think most Minnesotans care what the guy who plays Michael Kelso on "That 70's Show" thinks about the future of America. What a joke. |W|P|109858258831568460|W|P|ASHTON KUTCHER TO VISIT ON BEHALF OF JOHN KERRY; MINNESOTANS RESPOND: DUDE, YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS?|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/24/2004 09:38:00 AM|W|P|Blogger TFB|W|P|I hope you are right.
I guess it shows how desperate they are that they need to pander for the "stoner" vote.10/23/2004 04:16:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new Washington Post/ABC News poll has President Bush with 50% and John Kerry with 46%. Source: Washington Post/ABC News, October 23, 2004 |W|P|109857382562758158|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 50% - KERRY 46%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/23/2004 01:13:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Will Patty Wetterling be tought on terrorists? Not if she continues to define the fight on terror as a law enforcement effort! "Wetterling says the best way to fight the war on terror is to increase local fire and police protection." Source: Minnesota Public Radio, October 21, 2004 WETTERLING AND JOHN KERRY WOULD TREAT WAR AS LAW ENFORCEMENT OPERATION The Boston Phoenix’s Seth Gitell: “Massachusetts Senator John Kerry … Has Been Content To Define The War On Terrorism As A Law-Enforcement And Intelligence Effort.” (Seth Gitell, “Clash Of The Titans,” The Boston Phoenix, 6/13/02) Kerry Said War On Terror Rhetoric “Is Overblown,” And Should “Fundamentally” Focus On Law Enforcement. “[W]hat I think all of us need to focus on is the fact that the rhetoric of this war is overblown in some ways and not focused properly in others. This is not a war as we have known it. This is not a war in which there’s a front-line or the troops are going out every day on control. This is fundamentally an intelligence operation and the law enforcement operation and a diplomatic operation. On all three fronts, we have not been doing adequately in my judgment and the reorganization of homeland security leaves the CIA and the FBI, the law enforcement and intelligence component, outside.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 6/23/02) SEN. JOHN KERRY: “[W]ar On Terror Is Far Less Of A Military Operation And Far More Of An Intelligence-Gathering, Law-Enforcement Operation.” (The Iowa Brown & Black Coalition Presidential Forum, Des Moines, IA, 1/11/04) |W|P|109856166032044987|W|P|DFL DAILY DECEITS #39|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/23/2004 12:05:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new TIPP poll has President Bush with 48% and John Kerry with 44%. Source: TIPP, October 23, 2004 |W|P|109855849891003591|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 48% - KERRY 44%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/23/2004 11:32:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new Newsweek poll has President Bush with 48% and John Kerry with 46%. Source: Newsweek, October 23, 2004 |W|P|109855644936212080|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 48% - KERRY 46%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/23/2004 09:15:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|

Poll: Dayton went too far 53 percent say senator overreacted in closing Capitol Hill office Most Minnesotans think U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton overreacted when he closed his Senate office in Washington because of a secret terrorism warning, yet that decision has had little immediate impact on Dayton's job approval ratings, a new statewide poll found. The poll showed that 53 percent of Minnesotans thought Dayton, D-Minn., had overreacted by temporarily closing his Washington office, while 32 percent agreed it was a "prudent" reaction. The poll for the St. Paul Pioneer Press was conducted in mid-October. Men were far more critical of Dayton's decision than were women. By a margin of 62 to 27 percent, men thought Dayton had overreacted. Women were more evenly split, and women were also more likely to be unsure if it was a wise decision or not. The controversy, however, left only a slight impact on Dayton's job performance ratings. Forty-seven percent of Minnesotans still rate Dayton as doing a good or excellent job, the poll found. That compares with 51 percent in June. Dayton said he still believes he made the right decision to move his Washington staff off Capitol Hill once the Senate session had largely ended, based on details of a potential terrorist attack he read in a classified memo. But he's certainly aware of the criticism. "Reactions have been decidedly mixed, probably more negative than positive in people's individual reactions," Dayton said. "As I get a chance to explain to people in more depth, the reasons for me doing so, people are better able to understand the precautions, the reasons for the precautions I took. But I don't doubt that there's been a lot of criticism of me for doing so." In some ways, Dayton said, he was a bit surprised that the political fallout wasn't more severe. No other member of Congress has followed Dayton's lead, and the Minnesota senator has received bipartisan blasts, including one from the Democratic mayor of Washington, D.C., and Republican lawmakers' claims that he caved to the terrorist threat. U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., has been among those disagreeing with Dayton's decision. The poll by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research found that Coleman's job approval ratings had remained largely stable since June. The poll found 50 percent of Minnesotans rated Coleman as doing a good or excellent job, and 43 percent gave him fair or poor marks. That compares with a 51 percent favorable, 41 percent unfavorable response that Coleman received in June. Said Coleman: "These are very divided times right now, so close to an election, so I'm pleased that a healthy majority of my constituents are pleased with the job I'm doing." Once the election is over, Coleman said, he hopes some of the divisiveness will end. "You've got to work together, and that's what I'm going to try to do," Coleman said. Brad Coker, managing director of the polling firm, did take note of the downtick in Dayton's job approval rating, but Coker is unsure of its long-term impact. By the time Dayton is up for re-election in 2006, Coker said, other issues may dominate the political landscape — and another terrorist attack, or the lack of one, could change public perceptions of Dayton's actions. Mike LaFrance, a civil engineer in Crookston, was one of the poll respondents who thought Dayton had overreacted. "He's not the only man in that building, he's not the only one with staff in that building," he said. "They're privy to the same information, but he's the only one who buttoned 'er up." Even so, LaFrance thinks that Dayton has "done an overall good job of representing Minnesota," and he expects to support Dayton if he runs for re-election in 2006. Kelly McLain, a sales representative from Hayfield, Minn., was another poll respondent. Although she keeps up with the news, McLain found it difficult to say whether Dayton acted prudently, because the threat information was contained in a top-secret report.

"While I certainly had heard about it on the news and understood why he did it, I didn't feel I had the firsthand knowledge," McLain said. "If he said he received some kind of notification at that level, and there was some sort of security threat, who would I be to say, 'Don't act on it'?" As for Coleman, McLain said she rated him poorly for aligning himself with the Republican drive to cut budgets, cut taxes and cut services in the name of eliminating waste. "That 'waste' is our roads and our schools and our police departments, and all those things that are important to our communities," she said. "As an American, I think there are just some things that are worth paying for." But Coleman got excellent marks from Debbie Smith, a dog kennel owner from Kilkenny. She has two sons in the military, including one who is in Kuwait and heading to Iraq, if he isn't there already. Smith remembers attending a meeting in the Twin Cities where she was very impressed by Coleman. He has the same beliefs she does, she said, calling herself "basically conservative, right on down the line." The telephone poll of 625 registered Minnesota voters was conducted Oct. 15 through 18. Dayton's decision to temporarily close his Washington office was announced Oct. 12. Source: Pioneer Press, October 23, 2004

|W|P|109854805271157944|W|P|UPDATE: DAYTON THE COWARD #37|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/23/2004 09:43:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|There is no dearth of cowardice and expediency on your side of the fence. Just visit the New Hampshire Gazette's Chickenhawk Database at


to get a load of the wardrum-beating politicians and "media" men who are oh so eager to send the draftees or "volunteers" off to fight and die for a noble cause that they were/are too busy to personally sacrifice for.

And let me ask once again, what was Dubya doing flying from safe haven to safe haven immediately after 9/11 when his nation needed him? When the heroic first responders were charging into battle to save the innocents?

One final thought that may prove that this "war" on terrorism is bogus and that the the real Cheap-Labor Conservative agenda is windfalls for the rich:

Dubya says we are at "war" yet he is the first President to cut taxes during wartime. In fact during the first debate when Kerry rattled off his list of things that Dubya had not yet done to secure the Homeland, the response was, "we've got a tax gap." The implication was that we can't afford to do everything we need to do to secure the Homeland. Because of Junior's tax cuts. It's clear what is more important to this gang.

And it is bad enough that the rich beneficiaries of the tax cuts are perfectly happy to make no sacrifice to contribute to the war effort, but the Cheap-Labor Conservatives have brainwashed you ordinary folk as well. How many of you will go out and campaign to keep your "tax cuts" during time of war so that you too need not contribute and sacrifice to win the "war" on terror? Let the "volunteers" do it. Let them do the fighting and dying. Let their families do the sacrificing and suffering. What a strange "war" this is.

That being said, I know that what you do with your blogging and your propagandizing and your rallying to keep the wardrums thumping is, as Dubya might say, "really hard work."

I hope the troops appreciate it as much as we do. Thanks.10/22/2004 03:10:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new TIME poll has President Bush with 51% and John Kerry with 46%. Source: Real Clear Politics, October 22, 2004 |W|P|109848306651145965|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 51% - KERRY 46%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/22/2004 03:02:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new Washington Post/ABC News poll has President Bush with 50% and John Kerry with 46%. Source: Washington Post/ABC News, October 22, 2004 |W|P|109848259232546551|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 50% - KERRY 46%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/22/2004 01:34:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new Zogby poll has President Bush with 47% and John Kerry with 45%. Source: Zogby, October 22, 2004 |W|P|109847738996832438|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 47% - KERRY 45%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/22/2004 08:14:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Anti-porn crusader Teresa Daly has been exposed for receiving a contribution from a known pornographer. But as we have seen before for Daly's campaign, when confronted about her hypocrisy, Daly's campaign manager has been caught in a lie. "Daly campaign manager Darin Broton said, 'We're sending the check back tonight. We were not aware of it.'" Source: Star Tribune, October 22, 2004 But according to Teresa Daly's FEC reports, Collen Bertino's employer is clearly listed as Fantasy House Inc. Daly's FEC reports are submitted by her campaign, so Broton is not being honest when he proclaims that the Daly campaign was not aware that she contributed to the campaign. |W|P|109845716008555277|W|P|LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE.|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/22/2004 07:17:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Republicans offer reward in campaign sign thefts Republicans in Winona County hope a little money will lead to the arrest of the pranksters and thieves who keep running off with their campaign signs. According to ads on local radio stations, the party is offering up to $500 for information that leads to the "arrest and successful prosecution'' of whoever is responsible for stealing Bush/Cheney campaign signs. The ads began airing Wednesday and hadn't generated any tips, Winona Republican headquarters manager Jaye Fritz said Thursday. Some residents are installing surveillance cameras in their yards in hopes of nabbing a sign thief, Fritz said. Two weeks ago, Republican volunteers recovered a cache of stolen Bush signs which were arranged to spell "No Bush'' and hung from the interstate bridge on Highway 43. DFL party representatives also report an ongoing theft of their candidates' yard signs. "It continues, unabated,'' said Anne Morse, the Kerry/Edwards campaign manager for Winona County. Source: Associated Press, October 22, 2004 |W|P|109845470161688176|W|P|REPUBLICANS OFFER REWARD IN CAMPAIGN SIGN THEFTS|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/22/2004 06:45:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new "Pioneer Press poll shows 47 percent of Minnesota voters would vote for President Bush, while 45 percent favor Sen. John Kerry. That makes the race a tossup, because Bush's 2-point lead is within the poll's margin of error of 4 percentage points. Only 2 percent supported independent candidate Ralph Nader. The remaining 6 percent were undecided. Mason-Dixon Polling & Research conducted the poll of 625 likely Minnesota voters Friday through Monday." Source: Pioneer Press, October 22, 2004 |W|P|109845277663725801|W|P|NEW MINNESOTA POLL: BUSH 47% - KERRY 45% |W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/22/2004 06:31:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|

Teresa "I'm against porn" Daly
DFL congressional candidate and self-annointed anti-porn crusader, Teresa Daly was forced to return a contribution she received from the owner of a pornography shop in Burnsville.
According to the Star Tribune, Daly received a $250 contribution in September from Colleen Bertino, the owner of Fantasy House Inc., which sells underwear, lotions and sexually oriented videos and novelty items.
Mike Osskopp, Kline's spokesman, was quoted saying "at the same time she's been running ads saying she'll be tough on porn, Teresa Daly's been taking hundreds of dollars from Burnsville's biggest pornographer... that's another example of her double standard."
|W|P|109842016525125157|W|P|DFL DALY DECEITS #38: ANTI-PORN CANDIDATE RETURNS DONATION TO PORNOGRAPHER|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/21/2004 04:44:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new Washington Post/ABC News poll has President Bush with 51% and John Kerry with 45%. Source: Washington Post, October 21, 2004 |W|P|109840245260375189|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 51% - KERRY 45%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/21/2004 05:23:00 PM|W|P|Blogger MN Politics Guru|W|P|Do you ever post a poll that shows Bush losing, or is that a question that answers itself?10/21/2004 06:52:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Patrick|W|P|Here10/21/2004 07:23:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|170,475,160 cell phones in America and none of them get polled. One reason why the polls are worthless.

Jimmy Breslin
Election rides on the 917 vote

http://www.newsday.com/news/columnists/ny-nybres214013687oct21,0,6406517.column10/22/2004 06:42:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Please look on the ride side. I do publish polls that show Bush behind Kerry.10/21/2004 04:29:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|"'There's a reason that they're saying Kerry is the No. 1 liberal in the Senate,' said [Michael] Moore. 'It's because he is the No. 1 liberal in the Senate.'" Source:The [Oregon] Register-Guard, October 19, 2004 |W|P|109840160398408784|W|P|MICHAEL MOORE IS FINALLY RIGHT!|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/21/2004 12:22:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new Rasmussen poll has President Bush with 49% and John Kerry with 46%. Source: Rasmussen, October 21, 2004 |W|P|109838663664484037|W|P|NEW POLL: BUSH 49% - KERRY 46%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/21/2004 09:24:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Irresponsible Sen. Mark Dayton (D-Minn.) has done himself, his staff and Congress no good by shutting down his Senate office through the election period because he fears a terrorist attack. His action seems panicky and based more on speculation than information. Thankfully, not one other Member of Congress has followed Dayton’s example. Dayton’s decision seems to be an overreaction to a Sept. 15 threat assessment issued by the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center. On Sept. 20, Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) interrupted a briefing on Iraq to read parts of the report and urged other Senators to read it in full. Dayton did so, was alarmed by what he said was its “very emphatic tone” and requested a meeting of all 100 Senators to discuss it. When Senate leaders refused, he took unilateral action. It’s not clear whether Dayton had read any such assessments prior to the latest one. Judging by statements from other Senators and House Members, Metropolitan Police Chief Charles Ramsey and officials of the Homeland Security Department, it seems to have contained no new information on threats to the Capitol. Yet Dayton declared he had a “moral responsibility” not to put his staff in harm’s way when he was not in Washington to share their vulnerability. He also urged fellow Minnesotans not to visit during the election recess. Interviewed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Dayton said: “Well, the report I read didn’t identify a specific location. But the 9/11 commission concluded that the fourth hijacked plane on that date that crashed in Pennsylvania was returning to destroy the Capitol.” That is not news. “And al Qaeda,” he continued, “has a history of going back to those places where it’s been unsuccessful and attempting again.” That isn’t news either. Moreover, he said, “Al Qaeda’s No. 2 [Ayman] Zawahiri, on an Islamic Web site is exhorting al Qaeda operatives to attack U.S. and British interests. That was the same pronouncement that preceded the bombing in Madrid, Spain, prior to that country’s election.” This is a string of speculation which, if other Members shared in it, would spread panic on Capitol Hill, depopulate Washington and do al Qaeda’s work without the terrorists having to pull a single new trigger. Were there specific new information about a terrorist plot, we might recommend such a drastic action, too. But since there isn’t, what Dayton did simply was irresponsible. He says he did it to spare his staff a danger he was not facing while out of town. But logically, why wouldn’t it make sense for Dayton to keep his staff — and himself — in a location off the Hill all the time? The danger is constant. Capitol Hill is a target. That’s why there’s so much security around. Source: Roll Call, October 21, 2004 |W|P|109837611573351326|W|P|UPDATE: DAYTON THE COWARD #36|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/21/2004 07:13:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|
Edwards Said In Minnesota That Kerry/Edwards Would Allow Snowmobiles In National Parks And Forests. "It is so important that we preserve our rural way of life, it’s part of who I am, part of what I’ll always be," said Edwards, a U.S. senator from North Carolina. "And that includes, making sure … that your right, your ability to hunt and fish is protected; making sure that you can go in the national parks and national forests and ride on a snowmobile." (Jim Ragsdale, “Edwards, On Range, Touts Rural Values,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, 10/20/04)
Kerry/Edwards Would Reinstate "Clinton Administration’s Phase-Out Of Noisy And Direct Snowmobiles" From National Parks And "Other Sensitive Areas." "Honor the solitude and beauty of wilderness areas and our National Parks by keeping snowmobiles and jet skis out of Yellowstone and other sensitive areas, and by honestly addressing visitor and wildlife needs in our National Parks. John Kerry will reinstate the Clinton Administration’s phase-out of noisy and direct snowmobiles that have been overrunning some of our most precious lands, including Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. While snowmobiles, jet skis and all terrain vehicles have their place, they do not mix with sensitive wildlife resources and our nation’s most special, wild places." (John Kerry For President Website, "The Kerry-Edwards Vision For A Cleaner Environment A Stronger Economy & Healthier Communities," http://www.johnkerry.com/pdf/vision.pdf, Accessed 10/20/04) Kerry Said There "Absolutely" Should Be Limit On Snowmobile Use In State And National Parks. NPR’s NEAL CONAN: "Should there be a limit on snowmobile use in Yellowstone Park and in other state and national parks, yes or no?" … SEN. JOHN KERRY: "Absolutely. Yes." (National Public Radio Democrat Presidential Candidate Debate, Des Moines, IA, 1/6/04)
|W|P|109836861776294449|W|P|DFL DAILY DECEITS #37|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/20/2004 05:58:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Apparently being a teacher is not a "real job." ## Teresa Heinz Kerry says she doesn't know if first lady Laura Bush has ever had "a real job" and suggests their different experiences help make them different people. Laura Bush taught in public schools in Texas from 1968 to 1977, the year she married George W. Bush. In an interview published Wednesday in USA Today, the newspaper asked the wife of Democratic candidate John Kerry if she would be different from Laura Bush as a first lady. "Well, you know, I don't know Laura Bush. But she seems to be calm, and she has a sparkle in her eye, which is good," Heinz Kerry said. "But I don't know that she's ever had a real job — I mean, since she's been grown up. So her experience and her validation comes from important things, but different things." Heinz Kerry said she sees her age as a benefit — she is 66 and Bush 57. "I'm older, and my validation of what I do is a little bit bigger — because I'm older, and I've had different experiences. And it's not a criticism of her. It's just, you know, what life is about," she said. Karen Hughes, an adviser to President Bush, criticized Heinz Kerry's remarks as "indicative of an unfortunate mind-set that seeks to divide women based on who works at home and who works outside the home." Source: Associated Press, October 20, 2004 ## Heinz Kerry later issued an apology to First Lady Laura Bush after being reminded that Bush's previous work as teacher was a "real job." "I had forgotten that Mrs. Bush had worked as a school teacher and librarian, and there couldn't be a more important job than teaching our children. As someone who has been both a full time mom and full time in workforce, I know we all have valuable experiences that shape who we are. I appreciate and honor Mrs. Bush's service to the country as First Lady, and am sincerely sorry I had not remembered her important work in the past." Source: U.S. Newswire, October 20, 2004 |W|P|109832039878099128|W|P|OOPS! HEINZ KERRY ISSUES APOLOGY TO LAURA BUSH|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/20/2004 09:28:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|Well, this is very good. The soon-to-be First Lady has the decency and common sense to admit a mistake and apologize when she is wrong. Unlike the Faith-Based "rule-from-his-guts" never-say-you're-wrong President Select. Kerry and his wife are real members of the Reality-Based Community who admit that they are only human and are attempting to do the best they can. I can relate to that. How about you?10/20/2004 03:50:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A new TIPP poll has President Bush with 47% and John Kerry with 46%. Source: TIPP, October 20, 2004 |W|P|109831279428681051|W|P|NEW POLL AP: BUSH 47% - KERRY 46%|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/20/2004 09:18:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|Leaving aside the matter of the pollsters and CNN mis-representing the real situation here, we have some expert pollsters suggesting that races where an incumbent is seeking re-election are different. The significant thing is not the "spread" but the fact that when undecideds determine that the incumbent is incompetent, they tend to break for the challenger. Hence there is a Bush 50 percent problem:


Bush's 50 percent problem
by kos
Wed Oct 20th, 2004 at 14:40:48 GMT

(I'm at the Newark airport waiting for my flight to leave. How did I ever survive without wi-fi?)
I was hanging out at the 2.004K polling site, and loved what I saw. Go check it out.

Ignore the growing number of Kerry leads in the important battleground states. Those aren't that important right now. Instead, look at the number of polls which have Bush under 50 percent.

We're always talking about the 50 percent rule, but it's rarely explained. And given all the new people visiting the site, it's time for a refresher course. I'll steal Mystery Pollster's explanation.

The basic idea is that voters make their decisions differently in races involving an incumbent. When newcomers vie to fill an open office, voters tend to compare and contrast the candidates' qualifications, issues positions and personal characteristics in a relatively straightforward way. Elections featuring an incumbent, on the other hand, are as Molyneux puts it, "fundamentally a referendum on the incumbent." Voters will first grapple with the record of the incumbent. Only if they decide to "fire" the incumbent do they begin to evaluate whether the challenger is an acceptable alternative.
Voters typically know incumbents well and have strong opinions about their performance. Challengers are less familiar and invariably fall short on straightforward comparisons of experience and (in the presidential arena) command of foreign policy. Some voters find themselves conflicted -- dissatisfied with the incumbent yet also wary of the challenger -- and may carry that uncertainty through the final days of the campaign and sometimes right into the voting booth. Among the perpetually conflicted, the attitudes about the incumbent are usually more predictive of these conflicted voters' final decision than their lingering doubts about the challenger. Thus, in the campaign's last hours, we tend to see "undecided" voters "break" for the challenger.

That's the theory. Does it have any empirical support?

In 1989, Nick Panagakis, president of Market Shares Corporation (the firm that polls for the Chicago Tribune) analyzed results from 155 surveys, most from the late 1980s, all conducted during the last week before an election. In a famous article in The Polling Report, Panagakis found that in 82% of the cases, the undecideds "broke" mostly to the challenger.
His conclusion? "Incumbent races should not be characterized in terms of point spread. [Suppose] a poll shows one candidate leading 50% to 40%, with 10% undecided...Since most of the 10 points in the undecided category are likely to go to the challenger, polls are a lot closer than they look - 50% to 40% is likely to become 52% to 48%, on election day" (emphasis added).

Just last month, Chris Bowers of MyDD updated Panagakis' work. Though he found some signs that the incumbent rule might be weakening in state and local races, he found even stronger support for it in presidential elections. In 28 surveys involving presidential elections, 86% showed undecideds breaking mostly to the incumbentchallenger.
Going back to the polling data at 2.004K, it's also interesting to see the number of supposed safe Bush states that are hovering on or just above 50 percent.
Kerry is tantalizingly close to breaking the race wide open and getting the sort of landslide victory that would conclusively repudiate the Bush agenda.10/20/2004 03:09:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Soros-supported voter-registration drive probed Billionaire currency trader George Soros, in his quest to unseat President Bush, has given millions of dollars to a coalition of anti-Bush organizations whose nationwide voter-registration drive has been targeted by state and federal authorities for possible widespread fraud. Working under an umbrella organization known as America Votes, the coalition's registration drive -- described by election officials as the largest in U.S. history -- focused on potential voters in 14 so-called battleground states. America Votes, which represents a collection of labor unions, trial lawyers, environmental groups and community organizations representing 20 million Americans, describes itself as a "nonpartisan political organization" that seeks to use the strategic abilities and large membership base of its coalition members to "break new ground in electoral politics." Its goal is to "register, educate and mobilize" voters for this year's elections, but some of those efforts are now being challenged. Hundreds of questionable voter-registration applications, such as duplicates, and accusations of workers shredding registrations in favor of one party are under review by local, state and federal law-enforcement and election authorities in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Missouri, Michigan, Minnesota, West Virginia, Oregon, Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Florida. The coalition spent more than $100 million on its voter-registration campaign, according to financial records and several people familiar with the member organizations. Despite its nonpartisan claim, its membership includes 32 groups committed to Mr. Bush's defeat. Cecile Richards, a veteran labor and political organizer, is the coalition's president. Before coming to America Votes, she served as deputy chief of staff to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat. "The launch of America Votes is a groundbreaking endeavor in American politics," she said. "We look forward to working together to reach out to voters and to talk about the issues that are important to Americans. America Votes is going to make an historic impact on the political process in this country." As a key contributor to the coalition, Mr. Soros, whose estimated net worth is $7 billion, is on a one-month speaking tour in several battleground states, where he has taken Mr. Bush to task for what he called "missteps" in the war in Iraq. Mr. Soros has described the Nov. 2 elections and the defeat of Mr. Bush as "the central focus of my life." To that end, he has routed millions of dollars to coalition members, key among which are MoveOn.org, an anti-Bush Internet-based advocacy group, and America Coming Together (ACT), which is dedicated to get-out-the-vote activities for Democratic candidates, particularly this year. Coalition members are using thousands of paid workers and volunteers, armed with bar-coded identification sheets, to target undecided and potential Democratic voters door to door, and at shopping centers, grocery stores, street festivals, sporting events, naturalization ceremonies and hip-hop concerts from coast to coast. The America Votes registration drive has been the beneficiary of millions of Soros dollars, and records show two coalition members, MoveOn.org and ACT, have accounted for nearly $15 million alone in cash contributions from Mr. Soros and his business partner, Peter Lewis. Both MoveOn.org and ACT are 527 tax-exempt organizations, allowed to take part in political campaigns and register voters. MoveOn.org, which claims 2.3 million members, received significant financial help from Mr. Soros and Mr. Lewis, who pledged a $5 million matching grant last November -- a dollar for every two raised by MoveOn.org members -- to put together a $15 million war chest to defeat Mr. Bush. The organization was begun in 1998 by Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, who organized an Internet-based advocacy group to protest the "waste of tax dollars" in the impeachment of President Clinton, calling for the country to "move on to more pressing issues facing the nation." Later, MoveOn.org vigorously opposed U.S. intervention in Iraq, a position that drew the attention of Mr. Soros. MoveOn.org ran an ad largely funded by anti-war Democrats that accused Mr. Bush of lying to get the United States into war with Iraq and blaming him for 1,000 American deaths there as well as a $150 billion price tag. The ad included an image of a U.S. soldier sinking in desert sand as he tried to keep his rifle above his head. In 2002, Mr. Boyd and Mrs. Blades hired a computer programmer, Zack Exley, as MoveOn.org's organizing director. During the 2000 presidential campaign, Mr. Exley had programmed GWBush.com, a Web page that featured doctored photographs portraying Mr. Bush as a drug addict. ACT was founded in August 2003 when Mr. Soros announced he was giving $10 million to the organization to ensure that Mr. Bush was not re-elected. At the time, he called ACT "an effective way to mobilize civil society, to convince people to go to the polls and vote for candidates who will reassert the values of the greatest open society in the world." The District-based organization has since raised more than $50 million to defeat Mr. Bush, and has been active in the America Votes registration campaign. It hired a staff of about 1,500 canvassers, paying them $12 an hour to go door to door in battleground states to register voters. ACT is headed by Ellen R. Malcolm, who also organized Emily's List, a pro-choice political action network, and Steve Rosenthal, who served as deputy political adviser to the Democratic National Committee, chief adviser to Labor Secretary Robert Reich during the Clinton administration and political director at the AFL-CIO. Mrs. Malcolm told The Washington Post that the Soros donation was "like getting his Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval." Mr. Rosenthal also is executive director of Partnership for America's Families (PAF), a political action committee financed with $20 million from labor unions and as much as $10 million from individual, pro-Democratic donors. PAF also is a member of the America Votes coalition. The battleground states -- Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin -- can deliver 145 Electoral College votes, with 270 needed to win. Source: The Washington Times, October 20, 2004 |W|P|109831047698017413|W|P|LIBERAL 527's VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE BEING INVESTIGATED IN MINNESOTA|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/20/2004 02:38:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|
Response to County and DFL Briefs Filed in Election Judge Litigation Statements by Republican Party of Minnesota Chair Ron Eibensteiner
St. Paul - Republican Party of Minnesota State Chair Ron Eibensteiner issued the following statement regarding briefs filed with the Minnesota Supreme Court by counties in the Republican Party of Minnesota’s election judge litigation. "We are disappointed with the thin and incomplete nature of the responses from local election officials. I’m especially surprised that none of the local officials apparently even attempted to comply with a very specific set of required disclosures contained in an official order from the Supreme Court. "During tomorrow’s oral arguments, our attorneys will make a strong case for making sure that Minnesota's election judge process is both fair and balanced." Eibensteiner also issued the following statement regarding the Democrat Party’s amicus brief. "DFL Chair Mike Erlandson never responded to my requests earlier this year to work in a bipartisan manner to provide balance among election judges. And now Democrats continue to frantically fight against any attempt to ensure fairness and balance. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Democrats are so vehemently opposed to a law that is designed to ensure a fair election." |W|P|109830850211169965|W|P|WHY IS THE DFL AGAINST A FAIR ELECTION?|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/20/2004 09:14:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|"Kerry's shifting positions on the Iraq war are troubling. But it's his 20-year record of voting to weaken this nation - voting against the first Gulf War, gutting intelligence and defense programs, and maintaining a long-held belief, even after Sept. 11, that terrorism is a law-enforcement matter that renders him unfit to serve as commander in chief. John Kerry, who has served this state well in the U.S. Senate is in his bid for the presidency simply the wrong man, in the wrong place, at the wrong time." Source: Boston Herald, October 19, 2004 |W|P|109828929886532989|W|P|BOSTON HERALD ENDORSES PRESIDENT BUSH!|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/20/2004 08:40:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|More evidence of Wetterling's own confusion with her own positions: "Contrary to the ad's implication, Wetterling has consistently supported the U.S. military action in Afghanistan." Source: City Pages, October 20, 2004 But in a previous post, I wrote that the only person confused about Wetterling's position on Afghanistan is Wetterling: As a courtesy to Wetterling's campaign, Kennedy's campaign issued a press release that provided clarity on Wetterling's position: “Patty Wetterling today issued a press release complaining about Congressman Kennedy’s TV ad which said, ‘It’s wrong for some to suggest we should not have fought in Afghanistan or that we’d be safer with Saddam Hussien still in power.’ The ad refers to the positions of prominent liberal interest groups and Democrat party political figures.In making the point about opposing the war against terrorist in Afghanistan after 9/11, we refer to MoveOn.org, one of the most powerful liberal interest groups in America today and, incidentally, Mrs. Wetterling’s largest financial supporter. Mrs. Wetterling sought and received the group’s endorsement in June. If she has a complaint, it’s with MoveOn.org, not Congressman Kennedy. If she doesn’t like MoveOn’s position, she should denounce them and send their money back." Source: Kennedy for Congress press release |W|P|109828443777453682|W|P|DFL DAILY DECEITS #36|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com