4/30/2005 05:19:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|"The DFL Senate budget plan is still taking shape, in no small part because DFLers are still figuring out what kind of tax increase they can most realistically sell to the public to pay for additional spending. But make no mistake, a tax increase of some kind -- most likely the income tax -- is at the heart of the Senate budget plan. DFLers have concluded that enough Minnesotans have felt the effects of tighter budgets that they are willing to pony up. Of course, it's easier to pony up someone else's money, which is why the Senate plan most likely will confine any income tax increase to those making more than $200,000, according to Senate Taxes Chairman Larry Pogemiller, DFL-Minneapolis." Source: Star Tribune, April 30, 2005|W|P|111490786148690864|W|P|THE BATTLE FOR THE BIGGEST TAX|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/29/2005 12:49:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|House Minority Leader Matt Entenza just had a temper tantrum on the House floor. Click here to see the video. UPDATE: The link has been fixed (Thanks Swiftee) UPDATE #2: The link has not been fixed (Sorry Swiftee) I will post the clip later today. UPDATE #3: The link has been fixed. Click here and then click on part 2 of the video of today's House session and forward to 41:20. |W|P|111479014988468415|W|P|BREAKING NEWS: ENTENZA TIRADE|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/29/2005 10:20:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Swiftee|W|P|MDE your link leads to the House web schedule, where's the beef?4/30/2005 11:40:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Swiftee|W|P|Heh, Entenza just doesn't get it does he?

Actually, we don't want "bi-partisanship". We want them to listen to the adults and do as they are told.4/29/2005 10:49:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Stronger DFL has a problem with guns, beer, and cigarettes: If Republican Mark Kennedy is elected to the US Senate, these are some of the people he will owe favors to: National Beer Wholesalers $10,000 National Rifle Association $1,000 RJ Reynolds PAC (Cigarette maker) $1,000 I'll take guns, beer, and cigarettes over gun-grabbers, baby killers, and lawyers! |W|P|111479733948429169|W|P|VOTE FOR GUNS, BEER, AND CIGARETTES!|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/29/2005 06:09:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Michael M|W|P|It really doesn't matter if I do or don't have a "problem with guns, beer and cigarettes". What matters is Kennedy's evangelical christian base has some very strong feelings about alcohol.

White evangelicals are almost than twice as likely as those who are not evangelical to use their faith to abstain from alcohol (52 percent versus 23 percent) (2004 study from Greenberg, Quinlan, Rosner Research Inc)

Will publicizing Kennedy's ties with alcohol money change one evangelical christian vote? Maybe not today, but over time it might help evangelicals see that Republicans should not claim to be the "party of God".

Thank you for helping me publicize this.4/29/2005 08:36:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Back in December, MDE posted pictures of the Presidential Elector ballots for comparison. ## Senate Passes Bill To Combat Electoral College 'Problems' Minnesota's Electoral College votes would go to the presidential candidate who won the state's popular vote if legislation passed by the Senate Wednesday becomes law. That's after an unnamed Democrat [UNAMED?] cast one of the state's 10 electoral votes for Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards -- not presidential candidate John Kerry -- back in December, giving the state its first so-called "faithless elector" and cutting Kerry's electoral tally by a vote. Kerry won Minnesota's popular vote last year, but lost overall. None of the state's electors claimed the Edwards ballot, and ballots weren't signed. "This bill corrects the problems that we had with Electoral College election last December," said Sen. Wes Skoglund, DFL-Minneapolis, who sponsored the bill. Under the legislation, an elector would have to vote verbally and on a written public ballot. Failure to vote for the party's candidate would result in an invalidated ballot and an alternate elector stepping in to cast the vote. Skoglund's bill passed the Senate on a 52-8 vote. Source: Assocaited Press, April 29, 2005|W|P|111478962717243150|W|P|LEGISLATION INTRODUCED TO PREVENT "FAITHLESS ELECTORS"|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/28/2005 11:48:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|The Star Tribune story about R.T. Rybak's campaign finance reports reminded me of his other campaign finance blunders: 1. R.T. Rybak returned a campaign contribution to a "facilitator" hired to help the new City Council work together better. Rybak had promised during the campaign not to accept contributions from those who had business with the city. The facilitator, Linda Houden, was paid $175 an hour for up to 34 hours of meetings. Source: Star Tribune, January 5, 2002 2. Despite Rybak’s calls for clean campaign financing, he again makes it a habit of postmarking his finance reports by the due date, so that they aren’t in the office before close of business, like the other candidates. They are following the letter of the law, but again, most other candidates make it a habit of filing reports by the end of business that day, not by postmarking them that day. Belton’s campaign takes notice of this, and for this reporting cycle holds off, under the belief the Rybak campaign is making it a point of filing last so they can spin the numbers of the other opponents before they even see his reports. Source: Pioneer Press, October 30, 2001 ## Rybak releases finance data; move draws scorn from DFL challenger Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak's attempt to claim the high ethical ground on campaign finance Wednesday was met with laughter from his DFL rival. Rybak released the names of all his 2005 contributors and said he had $144,547 in his campaign fund. He then called on challenger and Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin to make the same disclosure before the city endorsing convention May 14. "The law doesn't require this to be disclosed but I think a person walking into a convention should know who's paying for the campaign," Rybak said at his campaign office. The two are in the final days of trying to woo DFL delegates to the convention. McLaughlin has said he will drop from the race if Rybak is endorsed. Rybak will run in the primary regardless, but a strong convention showing would be a boost. By law, candidates need not release the names of their donors until Sept. 6. Also, city candidates are only required to list the names of those who donate more than $100. Rybak released names of all his donors and his fund-raising total. Asked why he didn't do so in 2001, Rybak said he had raised barely $30,000 before the convention when he was an upstart candidate. McLaughlin accused Rybak of a "deathbed conversion" on campaign finance. The mayor's premiere political campaign came in 2001 when he challenged and trounced two-term incumbent Sharon Sayles Belton. As a challenger, Rybak made campaign finance reform a centerpiece of his campaign. He often chided Sayles Belton for taking money from people who do business with the city and said that as mayor, he would do no such thing. Rybak also said incumbents should refrain from raising money in nonelection years. "I've had to make huge decisions as mayor with public money and I've been able to do it without my hands tied," he said. McLaughlin said Rybak hasn't lived up to his own campaign rhetoric. He doesn't intend to release his donor lists and said he was unable to say immediately how much he had in the bank. "I'll follow the law," McLaughlin said. In each of the past two years, Rybak has held New Year's Eve fundraisers at the home of prominent DFL activists Sam and Sylvia Kaplan. More recently, McLaughlin noted, Rybak paid $10,000 to reimburse taxpayers for part of the $42,000 cost of a glossy newsletter he sent to every city resident early this year. State Auditor Pat Anderson said portions of the newsletter illegally constituted campaigning with taxpayer money. A two-person city ethics panel said the law was confusing and determined that Rybak didn't need to reimburse the city, but the mayor settled on the $10,000 number. Of his decision to release his fundraising data, Rybak said, "It's time to just set a higher standard." McLaughlin countered that Rybak "has ripped off the taxpayers for $32,000 for a piece of campaign literature." He said. "Paying back $10,000 does not pass his -- quote -- holding himself to a higher standard." He urged Rybak to "send it all back." The mayor also on Wednesday more narrowly defined what he means by "doing business with the city." Rybak now said he will not accept contributions from: • Registered lobbyists in the city within the past two years. • Anyone in nongovernmental organizations who directly benefits from a city subsidy or contract over which the mayor and City Council have exercised discretion in the past two years or will exercise discretion in the future. Source: Star Tribune, April 28, 2005|W|P|111471513994053950|W|P|RYBAK'S MONEY PROBLEMS|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/28/2005 08:54:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|

This is a picture from last evening's MoveOn protest in Minneapolis.

According to this idiot, the systematic murder of over 6 million Jews is comparable to Senate Republicans wanting President Bush's judicial nominees to get an up or down vote in the U.S. Senate.

|W|P|111470366228440701|W|P|MOVE ON PROTEST BRINGS OUT HATE AND POOR SPELLING|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/27/2005 06:17:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Someone at the U.S. Post Office should get fired for this classy move. ## Sen. Wellstone campaign flier shows up at area residences Christine Rinn was surprised last week to find a campaign flier for the late Sen. Paul Wellstone next to the student loan statement and cosmetics sample in her mailbox. "I had to stop the lady next to me and ask, ‘This is the guy who died in the plane crash, isn't it?'" said Rinn, a registered independent voter from Minnesota City. "So why am I getting it now?" The arrival of the fliers in some Minnesota mailboxes have puzzled voters as well as officials at the Minnesota DFL and the U.S. Post Office. At least three Minnesota City residents received the fliers, which were paid for by the Minnesota DFL and mailed on the organization's nonprofit bulk mail permit in support of the senator who died in a plane crash in October 2002. The fliers tout Wellstone's commitment to farms and rural communities. Tonya Tennessen, managing communications director for the Minnesota DFL, said she had received only two calls about the fliers — from reporters in Winona and Austin, Minn. She could not explain how the mail had come to be delivered now. "We are assuming that something happened at the post office," Tennessen said. U.S. Postal Service spokesman Jim Stanley said he sent inquiries to bulk mailing centers after learning of the mailings Tuesday afternoon. "We're wondering ourselves where this came from," Stanley said. Stanley was doubtful that the fliers could have been delivered after being lost in the system. "It would surprise me because most people would know that the senator passed away and these would no longer be relevant," he said. "All we can do is investigate and see." The mailing urges recipients to "call Paul" and lists a phone number now registered to U.S. Senator Norm Coleman, who took over Wellstone's office after defeating Walter Mondale for the seat weeks after Wellstone's death. Tom Stoa, spokesperson for the Winona County DFL, said he had received one e-mail from someone who had gotten the mailing. "We're as baffled as everyone else," he said. Source: Winona Daily News, April 27, 2005 Disclaimer: I certainly hope that the many Minnesotans who wish to carry on Senator Wellstone's legacy will do so by visiting Wellstone Action. Wellstone Action has established programs to honor the memory and public activism of Paul and Shelia Wellstone by continuing their fight for economic justice and progressive social change.|W|P|111460996532812471|W|P|THIS IS A CLASSY MOVE BY THE U.S. POST OFFICE|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/26/2005 04:52:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|

This is an invite to a party for outgoing DFL Party Chair Mike Erlandson.

MDE will be sending a bottle of bubbly to Mike Erlandson to thank him for providing so much material for this blog.

|W|P|111455956047679162|W|P|GOODBYE TO MIKE ERLANDSON|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/26/2005 04:41:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|This is another example of union pigs fighting for more money at the expense of government ingenuity. ## Union sues Pawlenty administration over litter pickup program The biggest state employees union sued Gov. Tim Pawlenty's administration Tuesday over a highway cleanup effort, saying prisoners are performing duties that should fall to state workers. The lawsuit from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees says offenders in the sentencing-to-serve program are being used as outside consultants and that state agencies should have determined whether state employees could do the work. The suit was filed Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court. Calls to an AFSCME spokesman weren't immediately returned. The lawsuit drew scorn from Pawlenty spokesman Brian McClung: ''Apparently the unions think we should spend more taxpayer dollars cleaning up highways rather than use offenders who are working off their debt to society,'' he said. Pawlenty kicked off the litter program three weeks ago, combining the work of nonviolent offenders from state prisons and county jails, state transportation crews and tens of thousands of Adopt-A-Highway volunteers. The plan is to spruce up the worst-looking highways by summer. Involved in the cleanup are 150 crews, each with 10 offenders sentenced to community service. Those selected for the crews are nonviolent prisoners with little time left on their sentences, and they're supervised, Corrections Commissioner Joan Fabian said earlier this month. Some have been sentenced to community service instead of prison time. The offenders aren't paid for their cleanup work, said Liz Bogut, a Corrections Department spokeswoman who declined to comment on the lawsuit. About 25 crews have already picked up litter alongside highways, with the biggest cleanup effort planned for the first week of May, McClung said. Minnesota Department of Transportation employees routinely pick up litter on state highways, and the department has vacant positions that could be filled with people who would carry out those duties, the lawsuit says. The union is asking the court to stop the ''Clean Sweep'' program from going ahead. Under state law dating back to 1935, the corrections commissioner may allow other state agencies to use prison inmates for work. Source: Associated Press, April 26, 2005|W|P|111455921310530995|W|P|UNIONS OPPOSED TO COMMONSENSE|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/26/2005 04:58:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Michael M|W|P|I'm not going to defend the unions on a situation I don't have all the facts, but what would you do if the governor ordered prisoners to do your job?4/27/2005 08:55:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Brent Metzler|W|P|Michael M said...

I'm not going to defend the unions on a situation I don't have all the facts, but what would you do if the governor ordered prisoners to do your job?

Find a better job. If you are totally honest, you've got to admit that roadside cleanup is not the most cushy job in the state. It's not like they are giving away nice jobs that everyone wants.

Somehow this just seems like politics to me. They allow volunteers to sponser a roadside, for goodness sake. What's the union supposed to do next? Sue the state for allowing volunteers to do union work?

Road cleanup is the bottom of the bottom of desirable work. That's why we get prisoners to do it. This union business is all about the unions just being mad at Pawlenty and trying to find any way possible to take their anger out on him.

-Brent4/27/2005 10:34:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Swiftee|W|P|~YOUR UNION~

Using your money to protect your right to remain on societies lowest rungs.4/26/2005 09:06:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Dear Supporter, [Insert Laugh] I'm writing to express my gratitude for your help on my campaign last fall [Insert puke]. Your hard work, your passion, and your sacrifices built us the strongest, largest grassroots organization in American political history. While we didn't reach our goal, we can be proud of what we accomplished. But the work doesn't end there. It has just begun. We must use the network that we've built together to raise the profile of issues that reflect the values that we share, and to hold accountable those politicians who vote against the interests of their constituents in favor of special interests that fill their campaign coffers. As part of that effort, on Tuesday, May 3rd at 10:00 am, I will visit Minneapolis on my national tour to highlight the crisis facing America on children's health care and promote my Kids First bill to provide health care coverage to the 11 million children currently uninsured in America. Joining me will be your local legislators, as well as health care leaders and members of the Kids First coalition at a town hall meeting to discuss children's health care and my Kids First bill. I'm coming to Minneapolis to hear from people who are living without health care for their families every day and to talk about how we can join together to help cover Minnesota's kids. I'm emailing you today to invite you and your family to join me at this event next Tuesday, May 3rd at the Minnesota Nurses Association at 10:00 am. Because space is very limited, please click here for more details and to reserve your tickets today. Tickets are free, and you can reserve up to 2 seats. Tickets are required for admission. http://www.johnkerry.com/MinnesotaRSVP As you know, I have been talking directly with Americans about the issue and asking them to join me in calling for action. In response, nearly 750,000 people have signed a petition in support of Kids First urging the Senate to act on the legislation, and nearly 20,000 people across the country have called with powerful, personal stories. A diverse coalition of leading health care, children's and labor organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Association of Children's Hospitals, Families USA, Every Child Matters, the AFL-CIO and the March of Dimes with memberships totaling 17 million Americans, have endorsed the bill and are standing with me in this fight. So please join me at the Minnesota Nurses Association, Tuesday, May 3rd at 10:00 am as we begin the fight from the states for children's health care coverage for every American child. Thank you, John Kerry|W|P|111453189482051094|W|P|MY INVITE TO JOHN KERRY'S SPEECH|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/25/2005 12:34:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|I just received this information from an unimpeachable source and dedicated reader of MDE: Over the weekend I heard from a high-level and (believe it or not, credible) DFL friend that Oberstar finally has talked about retiring. It's not clear whether he's talking about 2006 or 2008, though. In the past, when people like Tony Sertich have tried to broach the topic w/Oberstar, he has kind of brushed it off as being too early to talk about that. Not so now, I guess. We'll see if his wife agrees (she's supposedly the one who has the most interest in him staying a Congressman--she likes being a Congressman's wife and all the prestige that comes w/it). I also heard that people in DC have heard the retirement hint from Oberstar, too. Consequently, I know that Rod Grams, who works mostly in DC and is privy to the beltway gossip, is seriously interested in running for the seat (the farm where he lives, and the radio stations that he and Chris own, are all in the 8th CD). Since 1994 when Rod won the 8th CD in his senate run, the district has changed to become more favorable. Still, the candidate on the DFL side will be key. At this point the best possibility of a GOP pickup stems from the fact that Becky Lourey, according to her friends, is ready to run for the seat, if Oberstar retires. She's supposedly kept her gubernatorial donor list fresh. Also a good prospect, friends of Duluth city councilman Donny Ness say he's ready and eager to run. People at least used to see him as the next thing, kind of like Oberstar was for Blatnik--I don't know if that's totally the case anymore. And, of course, Tony Sertich is pretty open about his interest in the seat. I understand that Tom Bakk might also be interested, and in fact views it as an imperative that he or someone like him replaces Oberstar. In fact, DFLers talk about a real blood bath in the making, with the liberal wing (a la Lourey) battling against the conservative wing (a la Bakk) for the endorsement. They think a primary is almost certain. They talk about the old Jim Oberstar-Joan Growe rivalry being reborn (remember the extremely long 1984 US Senate endorsement battle between prolifers and prochoicers that led to so many defections to the GOP and left the DFL in tatters?). I don't know if I quite see that, seeing as how there aren't really any prolifers left in the DFL, and none of the potential candidate I just listed are prolife. And some of them seem pretty equivalent on guns. I guess the land rights issue could be the big divide, though, because Lourey and Ness are clearly on the leftwing fringe on those issues, where Sertich and Bakk are more in line with Oberstar and Grams.|W|P|111445806218129902|W|P|8TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT UPDATE|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/25/2005 10:55:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|This is from Democratic Underground: An emergency rally has been organized for 5 p.m. next Wednesday to stop the Republican judicial takeover, as part of a national MoveOn PAC day of action. (I signed up to be the media coordinator so I'm calling on all my friends and fellow progressives to help create a large presence!) At last count there were more than 80 events taking place in cities all over the country.Any day now, Radical Republicans are hoping to seize absolute power to appoint Supreme Court justices who favor right-wing, corporate-biased interests over the rest of us. Please help me send a message to Senators to support fair judges and defend the Supreme Court. You can get all the info, and sign up to come, at:http://www.moveonpac.org/event/judicialrallies/698 Here are the details of our event: Vigil For Judicial Moderation Federal Courthouse Plaza, downtown Minneapolis, MN300 South Fourth Street Minneapolis, MN 55415 Wednesday, 27 Apr 2005, 5:00 PM Please come! We only have a few days to stop the Republican leadership from making changes that would turn back the clock on generations of progress!|W|P|111445200357174053|W|P|DEMOCRATS PLANNING PROTEST AGAINST JUDICIAL NOMINATIONS|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/25/2005 06:51:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|I have new posts coming for today, but I want to keep the post with the pictures of Senator Linda Higgins sleeping in comittee as the top story.|W|P|111443735273030675|W|P|MDE: IS SENATOR LINDA HIGGINS SLEEPING IN COMMITTEE?|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/22/2005 05:12:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|

It sure looks like it.

This is a picture from a committee hearing that was held in the past two weeks. Senator Higgins looks so peaceful. |W|P|111421512689463762|W|P|IS SENATOR LINDA HIGGINS SLEEPING IN COMMITTEE?|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/22/2005 11:35:00 PM|W|P|Blogger nk2134|W|P|You're pathetic.4/23/2005 12:05:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Michael M|W|P|You won’t catch Sen. Michele Bachmann sleeping in committee. She only shows up for a few minutes so she can be counted as “present” and then takes off to fan some more flames of hate. I’ll take someone who shows up and at least tries over someone who just shows up for attendance and doesn’t participate at all.4/23/2005 04:39:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|nk2134 said...
You're pathetic.

is this the best you can do?4/24/2005 09:47:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Matt|W|P|I'm a Dem, but this is still funny. Have a sense of humor.

mnpublius.blogspot.com (shameless plug)4/25/2005 08:50:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Swiftee|W|P|" I’ll take someone who shows up and at least tries over someone who just shows up for attendance and doesn’t participate at all."

I'm in complete agreement with Michael M[oonbat].

I'll take a Democrat who sleeps in committee over one whose whereabouts are unknown anytime.

In fact I wish we had 20 more Higgin's in the Senate!4/27/2005 11:39:00 PM|W|P|Blogger lloydletta|W|P|That's right, Michele Bachmann just comes to committee long enough to show up for the role call.4/22/2005 08:02:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|"'By visiting Minnesota, Senator Kerry is attempting to buck the long-standing tradition of failed Democratic presidential candidates fading into political obscurity.' With Kerry's visit coming on the heels of Clinton's trip, Eibensteiner said, Kerry 'is obviously concerned about his standing with Minnesota Democrats.'" Source: Star Tribune, April 22, 2005|W|P|111418229701881158|W|P|KERRY TO VISIT MINNESOTA|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/21/2005 03:30:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|"But he did draw howls of laughter by mimicking a drug-snorting Rush Limbaugh. 'I'm not very dignified,' he said. 'But I'm not running for president anymore.'" Source: Star Tribune, April 21, 2005 What a class act.|W|P|111412286188494730|W|P|HOWARD DEAN MOCKS RUSH LIMBAUGH'S DRUG ADDICTION|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/22/2005 07:46:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Tony|W|P|If Eric Hoplin does become the Vice Chair of the MN GOP then we won't have much ground to attack Dean's lack of tact or class...at least he did not swindle the elderly to pad the pockets of buddies at RDI (direct mailing company)4/22/2005 08:14:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Captain Capitalism|W|P|Cripes, and this is the poster child of the true left. Children, all spoiled little burnt out 60's, spoiled brat children.4/22/2005 12:20:00 PM|W|P|Blogger pinkmonkeybird|W|P|I noticed that even Rush Limbaugh is rushing to mock Rush Limbaugh's drug problems; KSTP-AM is airing an ad in which the jingle goes, "You've got to admit that you're addicted to Rush." (Sung to the tune of Addicted to Love.)
I think that's wise of Rush to make light of his problem and laugh at himself. Of course, it should be noted that Howard Dean is not above joining in the fun in laughing at himself over the Dean Scream.

So now we all have plenty to laugh about, eh?4/20/2005 02:17:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|GOVERNOR PAWLENTY BLASTS DFL PLANS TO RAISE TAXES BY $1.4 BILLION ~ Lack of leadership part of an ongoing pattern exhibited by Senate DFL ~ Saying that true leadership includes holding government accountable, setting priorities and spending smarter, Governor Tim Pawlenty assailed the spending proposal outlined by Senate DFLers this morning at the Capitol. Governor Pawlenty said that he was "astonished" that Senate DFL leaders would stand in front of a sign that said "Honest Solutions" and then refuse to say how they would pay for their projected $1.4 billion in increased spending over Pawlenty’s budget. "The DFL is obviously going to increase taxes. They should at least have the courtesy to tell us whose pockets they are going to pick." Governor Pawlenty said. "Minnesotans are smarter than that. They know that the Senate DFL can’t help themselves when it comes to spending other people’s money. They say yes to every spending lobby and special interest in the state. But they’re apparently afraid to tell us who will be stuck with the bill." Pawlenty chuckled at Senator Dean Johnson comparing himself with "a cardinal at the conclave." "If he’s a cardinal and the DFL’s a conclave, then the chimney is blowing black smoke," Governor Pawlenty said. Senate DFL Leader Dean Johnson did offer a few proposals that he said were under consideration. Those included a Senate DFL plan to put a sales tax on clothes, a cigarette tax increase, a gas tax increase, "surcharges," and "rollbacks." The Senate DFL proposal would spend an estimated $1.4 billion more than the Governor’s proposed budget for FY06-07 (see attached spreadsheet). Today’s announcement is part of a pattern of failure exhibited by the Senate DFL. This is the third year in a row that Senate DFLers have been unable to put together a complete budget solution. In January 2003, Governor Pawlenty dealt with a FY03 deficit of $356 million through unallotment, after legislative leaders were unable to come up with a solution. In the 2003 session, Senate DFL leadership failed to pass a final budget proposal. After negotiating budget details, Senate Republicans passed the FY 2004-05 budget with the help of only three Senate DFLers. In 2004, with the state facing a remaining deficit of approximately $160 million for FY04-05, the Governor again took administrative action by himself to balance the books. "The lack of leadership by the Senate DFL is very disappointing," Governor Pawlenty said. "They know how to do the easy part – spending money – but they don’t know how to govern or balance the state budget." During the legislative session, the DFL has criticized the Governor for causing property taxes to go up because of the reductions in aids to local governments that were part of the budget crisis solution. Property taxes are based on local spending decisions. Many cities and counties made very responsible decisions and limited their tax increases, some did not. State government doesn’t set local taxes. Property taxes had been increasing prior to Governor Pawlenty’s election. The increases in 2004 and 2005 were in fact lower than the years prior to his first budget. (2004 and 2005 are the only property tax years impacted by Governor Pawlenty’s first budget, passed by the legislature in June 2003). Another DFL criticism has focused on fees. As a percentage of the state’s total revenue, fees were 3.4% in FY03, prior to Governor Pawlenty’s budget proposal being enacted. In FY05, fees are 3.6% of total state revenue. "Senate DFLers said today that they’re avoiding gimmicks. But saying you’re going to spend $1.4 billion more without identifying the source sounds like the mother of all gimmicks to me," Governor Pawlenty said. "At the same time, their alleged concern about property taxes seems could be remedied. If Senate DFLers are worried about property taxes, I invite them to join with me to support tools like the Taxpayer Satisfaction Survey, levy limits or a property tax freeze." Source: Office of Governor Tim Pawlenty, April 20, 2005|W|P|111403243175825661|W|P|GOVERNOR PAWLENTY: "THE DFL IS OBVIOUSLY GOING TO INCREASE TAXES."|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/21/2005 12:53:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Jason|W|P|You shouild ask Pawlenty why he refuses to hold accountable the bush admin, tom delay, senator frist, and the many many other republicans in teh state and on the national level. If pawlenty is so adamant about holding governemnt accountable, he cant only hold the dems accountable, he ahs to also hold the repubs accountable. Ask pawlwenty to ask Rep mark kennedy to return the 10,000 dollars he recieved from tom delays PAC that is under investigation for illegal fundraising. If he does that, I might take him seriously, until then, I am just going to laugh in his face.4/21/2005 11:25:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Leslie Bates|W|P|Gosh, what should one expect from the Dimwit-Fascist-Looter party?4/22/2005 12:13:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Jason|W|P|Apparently, from the Republican party, we can expect more name calling instead of any of them actually holding their own parties politicians to the same standard they claim to hold the Dems. When you get a clue leslie, come back.4/28/2005 06:28:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Stillwater Infidel|W|P|Leslie, do you know what a fascist is?
Definition: Big Government controlled by Big Business, creating crisis to pull the patriots together and condemning anyone who doesn't agree with them. Sounds like Bushie and the Neo-Cons.

Just a thought,

Earl4/20/2005 09:28:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|"However, DFLers presented only the sketchiest of details about their plan. They offered no side-by-side analysis of how it differs from Pawlenty's or the House Republican majority's proposed budgets. " Source: Star Tribune, April 20, 2005 Legislative Republicans did a great job of ripping the DFL budget plan: "Republican leaders scoffed at the lack of detail in the Senate plan, which comes almost four months into the session and about a month from the Legislature's scheduled adjournment deadline. 'This is not the time for political cuteness,' said Senate Minority Leader Dick Day, R-Owatonna. 'Why is the majority leader having a press conference if his lips are sealed about which taxes he's going to raise?'" Source: Star Tribune, April 20, 2005

"House Speaker Steve Sviggum, R-Kenyon, called the DFL budget proposal 'a complete sham.' 'It's laughable is what it is. The taxpayers of Minnesota ought to prepare for their checkbooks to be stolen,' he said." Source: Associated Press, April 20, 2005

|W|P|111401483597575676|W|P|DFL CONTINUES BUDGET GAMES|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/20/2005 06:39:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Silly Wetterling thinks the DFL will endorse the candidate most likely to win in '06. ## Wetterling a stronger Senate candidate, she says; She won't run for 6th District congressional seat After children's advocate Patty Wetterling lost a closely contested congressional race in November, many Democrats are wondering why she is running for the U.S. Senate in 2006 instead of taking another shot at the open 6th District congressional seat. Wetterling answered that question Tuesday: She believes she can win a statewide race but that she'd lose another election in the Republican-leaning 6th District, which extends from the St. Croix Valley through the northern suburbs to the St. Cloud area. U.S. Rep. Mark Kennedy, a Republican, defeated her in the district, 54-46 percent, last fall. He's running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Democratic-Farmer-Laborite Mark Dayton. Wetterling, 55, of St. Joseph is looking for a rematch. Speaking to Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party elders at a Hemenway Forum luncheon in Oakdale, she said, "I'm not going to run for the 6th District. The numbers show me that ... I will not win." The numbers are from a poll she commissioned in late February. It showed that, statewide, voters viewed her favorably by a 2-to-1 margin. But in the 6th District, she said, 48 percent had a negative impression of her and 46 percent viewed her positively. She attributed those high negatives to a "very, very solid orchestrated campaign against me" by Kennedy and the GOP. Her poll showed she would be a stronger Senate candidate against Kennedy than two other potential Democratic contenders -- Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar, who officially announced her candidacy Sunday, and attorney Mike Ciresi, who has said he's very interested in the race. "I'm going to go where I think I can have the most impact," Wetterling said. "Why would we not take the most likely candidate to win and put them in this Senate seat?" She pledged to abide by the DFL endorsement. That means if the party's 2006 convention endorses another candidate, she would not challenge the endorsee in a primary. Klobuchar made a similar vow on Sunday. Source: Pioneer Press, April 20, 2005|W|P|111400540214420591|W|P|WETTERLING: "I'M NOT GOING TO RUN FOR THE 6TH DISTRICT"|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/19/2005 10:01:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Two Senate Candidates Will Abide by Party Vote The two leading Democratic contenders for the open Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Mark Dayton (D) promised to drop out of the race next year if they do not win the state party endorsement. In formally launching her campaign Sunday, Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar said she would abandon the race if she is not backed by her party, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Monday. Child safety advocate Patty Wetterling (D), who has not officially joined the race yet, made the same pledge. They could, theoretically, opt to compete in a Democratic primary after the state party has weighed in. Both women posted impressive fundraising numbers in the first quarter, which ended March 31. At least two other Democrats, attorney Mike Ciresi and Ford Bell, a veterinarian, are still mulling bids. While Rep. Mark Kennedy remains the only declared Republican candidate, former Sen. Rod Grams has said he will seek the GOP nomination. Independent Jack Uldrich said last week that he would run as well. He served in the administration of then-Gov. Jesse Ventura (I) and formerly led the Minnesota Independence Party. Source: Roll Call, April 19, 2005|W|P|111393068585244757|W|P|WETTERLING vs. KLOBUCHAR|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/18/2005 08:35:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|I'm not suprised that Klobuchar would use the embezzelment of $300,000 by a Appeals Court Judge from a mentally disabled woman as a punch line. Klobuchar recently used the tragic death of Tyesha Edwards, an 11-year-old girl who was killed in November 2002 by a stray bullet while doing her homework, in fundraising plea for her campaign. "In her statement, Klobuchar dwelt at some length on the prosecution of Appeals Court Judge Roland Amundson, who embezzled $300,000 as trustee for the estate of a mentally disabled woman. The anecdote was intended to show Klobuchar's willingness to prosecute the rich and powerful, but it also provided her biggest laugh line. A parade of big shots came to court to appeal for leniency toward Amundson, Klobuchar said. 'Even a former Miss America testified, but that didn't bother me; hey, I was Ms. Skyway News of March 1988.'" Source: Star Tribune, April 17, 2005 Thanks for the laugh Amy.|W|P|111383940546950880|W|P|POOR TASTE: KLOBUCHAR USES EMBEZZLEMENT OF MENTALLY DISABLED WOMAN AS PUNCH LINE|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/18/2005 11:07:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Micah|W|P|Clearly reading the article would help to understand that the author of the article used poor judgement when talking about the joke. The punchline was about Miss America testifying. If this is the level you have to stoop to, I feel really bad for Mark Kennedy's chances.4/18/2005 01:00:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|So you want to blame the newspaper for reporting about Klobuchar's joke and not blame Klobuchar for making the joke? That's what I call accountability.4/18/2005 02:53:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Patrick|W|P|Amy wasn't joking that a mentally disabled woman lost $300,000.

Amy was making a joke of the judge's defense and providing an example of how she is willing to stand for what is right, instead of being swayed by "big shots."

The joke was at the expense of the judge and Miss America, not the mentally disabled woman.4/18/2005 10:18:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Matt|W|P|This:
"So you want to blame the newspaper for reporting about Klobuchar's joke and not blame Klobuchar for making the joke? That's what I call accountability."
has nothing to do with what Micah was saying. He said that you, in stating something as though it is fact, should read the whole article (referred to as context). That's what I call accountability.

mnpublius.blogspot.com4/18/2005 08:20:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|"[Amy] Klobuchar pledged Sunday to abide by the endorsement process, which means that she will drop out of the race if someone else is endorsed. Children's advocate Patty Wetterling, who is preparing to announce for the DFL nomination, promised Friday to abide by the endorsement." Source: Star Tribune, April 18, 2005|W|P|111383775548136324|W|P|LET THE BATTLE FOR THE DFL ENDORSEMENT BEGIN!|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/16/2005 08:27:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Now that Wetterling has decided to abide by the DFL endorsement, this race just got more interesting. "Dorsey also divulged Friday that Wetterling would seek the DFL endorsement and won't compete in a primary if she loses the endorsement. That decision might significantly affect the race for the nomination. Klobuchar also is expected to abide by the endorsement process. Ciresi did not do that in 2000." Source: Star Tribune, April 16, 2005|W|P|111366558133957083|W|P|WETTERLING TO ABIDE BY DFL ENDORSEMENT|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/15/2005 06:53:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|I received a very interesting email this morning from one of my many DFL sources. She had received an email about protesting the Taxpayer Rally at the State Capitol. Attached to the email were Word documents to printed and used at the protest. What makes this so interesting is after reviewing the document "properties" she found they were last saved by Janet Keysser, who works for the Minnesota Department of Health. The documents were also prepared on software provided by the State of Minnesota. I will be sending an email to Dianne Mandernach, Minnesota's Commissioner of Health, to inform her of Ms. Keysser's recent political work.|W|P|111357627129865651|W|P|WAS TAXPAYER MONEY USED TO FUND PROTEST OF TAXPAYER'S DAY RALLY?|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/15/2005 08:47:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Trillin|W|P|If this did happen, it should be punished. The same however could be said for the Governor.

Traveling the state to resign the Bonding Bill over and over? Come on, it is campaigning. Nothing wrong with it.

But why are the taxpayers paying for it when we have huge budget problems. The Governor should re-fund the state from his campaign.

What's good for the goose needs to be good for the gander.4/18/2005 07:47:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Swiftee|W|P|Go get 'em MDE!4/14/2005 09:16:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Elwyn Tinklenberg running for Congress ST. CLOUD, Minn. -— Former Minnesota Transportation Commissioner Elwyn Tinklenberg says he's running for Congress. Tinklenberg says he's running in the Sixth District as a Democrat. He made the announcement this morning on St. Cloud radio station KNSI. Tinklenberg was transportation commissioner in the Ventura administration. Another Democrat, children's advocate Patty Wetterling, is also considering a run for either the Sixth District seat or the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Mark Dayton. A number of Republicans have announced intentions to run in the Sixth District, which stretches from the St. Cloud area to Stillwater in eastern Minnesota. They include St. Cloud businessman Jay Esmay, St. Cloud Representative Jim Knoblach, Shoreview Rep. Phil Krinkie, Stillwater Sen. Michele Bachmann and former Education Commissioner Cheri Pierson Yecke. Sixth District Republican Congressman Mark Kennedy is running for U.S. Senate. Source: Associated Press, April 14, 2005|W|P|111349552060324220|W|P|TINKLENBERG IS RUNNING FOR CONGRESS|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/13/2005 08:28:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|According to this study, Golden Valley is the most liberal city in Minnesota.|W|P|111344983011667507|W|P|GOLDEN VALLEY WON'T BE GOLDEN MUCH LONGER|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/13/2005 01:37:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|The DFL can't make it through a non-partisan event with thousands of children without taking a shot at Governor Pawlenty: "Look: The governor's actually handing out money," [State Representative Tony] Sertich said. "Maybe he's had a change of heart." Source: Duluth News-Tribune, April 13, 2005|W|P|111342207248166889|W|P|DFL TARNISHES MINNESOTA QUARTER CEREMONY|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/13/2005 06:48:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Jeff Fecke|W|P|Oh, come on. You know that's frickin' hilarious.4/13/2005 01:25:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|DEMOCRATS LAUNCH COORDINATED 'NO' CAMPAIGN: OBSTRUCTIONIST FRONT DEVELOPS OVER NATION'S CAPITAL "It's unfortunate that Democrats continue to focus their efforts on blocking the priorities of the American people, cementing themselves as the minority party." -Tracey Schmitt, RNC Press Secretary DEMOCRAT FORECAST ON JUDGES: SEVERE OBSTRUCTION Democrats Gleefully Plan To Obstruct President Bush's Judicial Nominees: Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) Has Promised To "Screw Things Up" For Senate Republicans. "If they, for whatever reason, decide to do this [change Senate rules on filibusters], it's not only wrong, they will rue the day they did it, because we will do whatever we can do to strike back ... I know procedures around here. And I know that there will still be Senate business conducted. But I will, for lack of a better word, screw things up." (Helen Dewar and Mike Allen, "GOP May Target Use Of Filibuster," The Washington Post, 12/13/04) Reid Said Only Complaint Was That Democrats Had Not Held Up More Judicial Nominees. "Noting that the only complaint he has heard from fellow Democrats is that not enough of Bush's judicial nominees were blocked in the past four years, Reid said he is prepared 'to go behind the pool hall and see who wins this one.'" ("Washington In Brief," The Washington Post, 2/2/05) Reid Has Even Threatened To Shut The Senate Down Over Judicial Nominees. Reid: "[N]o Senate right is more fundamental than the right to debate. Should the majority choose to break the rules that give us that right, the majority should not expect to receive cooperation from the minority in the conduct of Senate business." (Sen. Harry Reid, Letter To Sen. Bill Frist, 3/15/05) "This Month, Democrats May Use Procedural Tricks To Stop All Senate Business And Block A Republican Effort To Eliminate Minority Filibuster Rights ..." (Joe Klein, Op-Ed, "A New Idea For Democrats: Democracy," Time, 4/11/05) "Reid And Company Have Used The Senate Filibuster Rule To Permanently Deny Votes To Nominees With Clear Majority Support. That's Never Been Done Before." (David Reinhard, Op-Ed, "Judge Not Lest Ye Be ... Filibustered," The Oregonian, 3/17/05) But In 2001, Reid Said, "[I] Think We Should Have Up-Or-Down Votes In The Committee And On The Floor [On Nominees]." (CNN's "Evans, Novak, Hunt & Shields," 6/9/01) DEMOCRAT FORECAST ON SOCIAL SECURITY: STORMY OPPOSITION Democrats Won't Move On Strengthening Social Security: Democrat Aides Admit Party Has No Plan For Social Security And Will Not Offer Any. "House and Senate Democrats have decided against introducing an alternative Social Security reform plan yet, preferring instead to focus attention and criticism on President Bush's proposals, according to a number of senior Democratic aides." (Patrick O'Connor, "For Now, Dems Will Offer No Social Security Reforms," The Hill, 2/8/05) Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV): "President Bush Should Forget About Privatizing Social Security. It Will Not Happen." (Sen. Harry Reid, Press Conference, 2/1/05) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) "Has Ordered House Democrats To 'Oppose, Not Propose,' Changes To Social Security, According To A Well-Placed Democrat." (Jonathan Kaplan, "Dean Slams Bush On Town-Hall Meetings," The Hill, 3/10/05) The Boston Globe: "Democrats Have Resisted Calls To Offer A Competing Proposal To Overhaul Social Security, Preferring To Attack Bush's Plan." (Rick Klein, "Foes Cite Progress Vs. Bush Agenda," The Boston Globe, 4/11/05) Democrats Even Agree Their Party Is Party Of "No" On Social Security. Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-TN): "[T]he Democrats are going to have to get a better message on Social Security ... our only response cannot be to say, 'no.'" (Chuck Babington and Mike Allen, "Bush's Address Wins Over Few, If Any, Democrats," The Washington Post, 2/3/05) DEMOCRAT FORECAST ON EVERYTHING ELSE: GLOOMY AND RAINY Democrats, Editorials, And Third Parties Say Democrats Are Obstructionist: Former Clinton White House Press Secretary & Kerry-Edwards Senior Advisor Joe Lockhart: "Democrats Are Now Clearly The Party Of Opposition." (Dan Balz, "Back In N.H., Edwards Is Mum On 2008 Run," The Washington Post, 2/6/05) Democrat Strategists Stan Greenberg And James Carville: "Voters Are Looking For Reform, Change And New Ideas But Democrats Seem Stuck In Concrete." (Dan Balz, "Social Security Stance Risky, Democrats Told," The Washington Post, 3/8/05) U.S. News & World Report's Gloria Borger: "Sad To Say, The Democrats Are Becoming The Party Of No." (Gloria Borger, Op-Ed, "Meet The New Party Of No," U.S. News & World Report, 2/28/05) The Tennessean Editorial: "The Democrats Now Look Clearly Obstructionist." (Editorial, "Cease Fire On Judges," The Tennessean, 3/13/05) Edward Lorenzen, Executive Director Of Centrists.org: "[I] Think There Is A Real Danger That If Democrats Are Perceived As Simply Defending The Status Quo, That Will Be Damaging To Them Politically." (Luiza Ch. Savage, "Silence Is Rule In Fight Over Social Security," The New York Sun, 3/9/05) Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): "Our Plan Is To Stop Him ... He Must Be Stopped." "The President of the United States has not given us his full plan. But what we do know about some of its provisions, slash benefits and bankrupt the social security trust fund, then why should we put a plan in? We will go -- our plan is to stop him from -- stop him. He must be stopped." (FOX News' "Special Report," 3/17/05) "First, There Are The Nancy Pelosi Democrats. ... If Bush Is For It, They're Against It." (David Brooks, Op-Ed, "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly," The New York Times, 10/18/03) Source: Republican National Committee, April 13, 2005|W|P|111342424342862307|W|P|DEMOCRATS LAUNCH COORDINATED 'NO' CAMPAIGN: OBSTRUCTIONIST FRONT DEVELOPS OVER NATION'S CAPITAL|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/14/2005 02:57:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Jason|W|P|I know you repubs wish you could rule this country as your own little religious theocratic taliban style dictatorship, with your dumb guy messiah bush at the helm, But you cant.4/13/2005 07:18:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|It's a smart PR move by the pro-gay marriage crowd to harrass and stalk a mother from Stillwater: "Bachmann wouldn't discuss whether she has gotten a bodyguard, but she noted that critics are tracking her public appearances and even putting the description of her car on websites. In an unusual move for an elected official, especially one who is running for Congress in 2006, she has removed her home telephone number and address from public directories." Source: Star Tribune, April 13, 2005 Their next move should be to lobby Coca-Cola to bring back New Coke. |W|P|111340234607491832|W|P|THE STALKING OF BACHMANN|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/12/2005 12:44:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Please join Governor Pawlenty on Friday April 15th in the Capitol Rotunda at 8 a.m. for the "Taxpayer's Day at the Capitol" rally. The Governor needs your help to send a strong message to the DFL that keeping a lid on taxes is not a political pledge – it’s an economic necessity in a hypercompetitive world. And it’s good for Minnesota families and businesses! WHAT: Minnesota Taxpayers Day at the Capitol WHEN: Friday, April 15, 8:00 a.m. WHERE: State Capitol Rotunda, St. Paul|W|P|111333518288136575|W|P|TAXPAYERS DAY AT THE CAPITOL - APRIL 15, 2005|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/14/2005 01:23:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Sipidation|W|P|I don't usually attend much, but I think I might go to this.4/12/2005 08:37:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|I have been listening to Wendy Wilde's program on (full of hot) Air America for the past few days and I am convinced she is crazy. Below is a list of acceptable euphemisms to describe Wendy Wilde. Missing a few cards from her deck. The lights are on, but nobody's home. Not running on all cylinders. One wheel's in the sand. A few fries short of a happy meal. A few watts shy of a night light. The elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. A few bricks shy of a full load. The wheel's spinning, but the hamster's dead. Her sewing machine's out of thread. No grain in the silo. Too much yardage between the goal posts. Receiver is off the hook.|W|P|111332118413051425|W|P|WENDY WILDE IS WEIRD|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/12/2005 06:03:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak will debate Peter McLaughlin on Thursday at the United Labor Centre. The debate is scheduled from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and will focus on jobs and economic development. I love DFL infighting.|W|P|111331134007668098|W|P|RYBAK vs. MCLAUGHLIN|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/12/2005 07:37:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Micah|W|P|A primary debate between two candidates = infighting?4/13/2005 06:16:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Yep, infighting.4/11/2005 02:41:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Erlandson will be airing exerpts of Senator Hillary Clinton's speech at the Humphrey Day dinner.|W|P|111325596363351449|W|P|LISTEN TO THE MIKE ERLANDSON SHOW TODAY AT 5:00 P.M. ON 950AM|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/11/2005 08:20:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|This is a wonderful gift from Mike Hatch. Hatch can't decide if he is running for governor in 2006, but deciding who he's supporting for president in 2008 in now off his to-do list. ## New York GOP mounts national "STOP HILLARY" effort Claiming Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for the White House, New York 's GOP chairman has kicked off a national "STOP HILLARY NOW!" fund-raising effort to thwart her 2006 Senate re-election bid. "Stopping Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most important thing you and I can do as Republicans in the next two years," says the fund-raising appeal sent out by Stephen Minarik. "You could say it's our duty as Republicans." Minarik's fund-raising letter, dated Friday, promises a Republican "truth squad" that will "monitor Hillary's appearances and expose her lies." While Minarik has sent out similar missives to New York Republicans, Friday's appeal - a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press - is his first to the potentially more lucrative national anti-Clinton audience. Clinton, who has said she is not looking beyond her Senate re-election effort, has countered with fund-raising appeals of her own, including a March 31 e-mail warning supporters she is "the No. 1 target for the right-wing attack machine." Spokeswoman Ann Lewis said Sunday that the Clinton campaign was "not surprised that the Republican Party has chosen to wage a personally negative campaign. They don't want to talk about Hillary's record of working for New Yorkers, throughout the state and in the Senate." In his four-page letter, Minarik refers to Clinton six times as a "radical liberal" or "ultraliberal," and says she is the "darling of the wealthy liberal left - especially the Hollywood left" and has a "vast network of far-left contributors." Complicating Minarik's anti-Clinton effort is the fact that the state party has yet to come up with a big-name challenger to take her on in 2006. Minarik's mentor, Gov. George Pataki, has said he has no interest in being a senator and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's top political aide said Giuliani is too busy with business interests to run for office next year. Both men are considered potential 2008 presidential candidates. On Saturday, Clinton was in Minnesota, raising money for her re-election campaign at a $1,000-a-person private event and headlining a $100-a-person dinner for Minnesota's Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. Many attending the dinner said they wanted the former first lady to run for president in 2008. "I like her. I am absolutely for her," said Minnesota state Attorney General Mike Hatch. Source: Associated Press, April 10, 2005|W|P|111323319666643813|W|P|HATCH FOR HILLARY IN '08|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/11/2005 10:08:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Midwest Jay|W|P|Between the Hillary visits, the pending Dean ACLU dinner speech, the DFL senate gambling on a budget stalemate and cave in by Pawlenty, and the general call to raise taxes by all DFL'ers, I worry about their sanity in general. When they run a gun banning enviromentalist woman for U.S Senate (take your pick - Wetterling or Klobuchar) and get their asses kicked by losing the range vote (Ann Wynia vs. Rod Grahms flashback)I will continue to laugh my ass off. The next few years will only get better, get your front row seats for the DFL implotion now.4/10/2005 05:42:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|The Herald-Review (Grand Rapids) printed a story today about the political career of State Representative Loren Solberg, but they fail to mention how he almost lost that job. ## Rep. Loren Solberg issues apology for seeing X-rated In a move apparently designed to blunt an anticipated television news report, a state legislator on Monday issued a terse statement saying that he attended an X-rated movie last week during a legislative conference in California. "While attending the National Conference of State Legislatures in San Diego, Calif., I had a lapse of good judgment and attended an X-rated movie," said Rep. Loren Solberg, DFL-Bovey. "For that I apologize." The statement was hand-delivered to reporters at the State Capitol yesterday without further explanation, and attempts to contact Solberg at his office and his home were unsuccessful. Later in the day, KSTP-TV, Channel 5, broadcast a report that said a reporter had observed Solberg, 51, going into the sex-oriented theater in San Diego. An executive of the station acknowledged that it had a crew following legislators in San Diego. Gary Hill, KSTP managing editor, said, "We were out there to see what the legislators were doing at the conference. We were looking to air something this week." Eleven of 134 House members and 17 of 67 senators attended the conference. House Speaker Dee Long, DFL-Minneapolis, who also attended the conference, said a man she believed to be a KSTP reporter at one point misrepresented himself as being from another state and registered at the conference using the name of a photographer from another news agency. She said the KSTP crew followed Minnesota legislators and were intrusive at times. "It was a very, very weird experience for all of us," Long said. Long said she and her husband spent vacation time part of the week, for which she paid her own expenses. "I'm paying for more nights than the state is," she said. Hill said producer John Blake did not misrepresent himself to Long. "I would think Dee is trying to deflect her activities away from her and onto ours," Hill said. Source: Star Tribune, August 3, 1993|W|P|111318078436194568|W|P|LOREN SOLBERG'S X-RATED PAST|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/10/2005 05:09:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Minnesota Lefty Liberal is sticking it to Attorney General Mike Hatch with some great posts. |W|P|111317838719428472|W|P|MN LEFTY LIBERAL vs. MIKE HATCH|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/11/2005 08:14:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Trillin|W|P|Well, it was not my intent to stick it to the AG, just to point out my own preference that someone else run against Gov. Pawlenty. Apparently, one of his political staffers (or so I am told he is one of them by friends and have not been corrected by anyone in 5 days) decided to try and pull a fast one.

It is my hope that Mr. Martin was acting alone in this and that the AG did not know. What worries me is what Mr. Martin would do with my information should I have allowed him to get it, if he would have used the office of the AG to find out who I am, etc etc.

If you ask me, Attorney General hatch should fire him for such acts if they are occurring, as this is no better then what the US AG does.4/09/2005 08:03:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Pogemiller is such a jerk. I don't trust a man who uses a blow-dryer to style his hair each day. ## Senate veteran relishes role of Pawlenty foe Senate veteran relishes role of Pawlenty foe ST. PAUL — There's no shortage of statehouse Democrats eager to criticize Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, but few seem to enjoy it quite so much as Larry Pogemiller. "I don't like his style of governance," said Pogemiller, a senator from Minneapolis. "He basically has a press conference style of governance. It's all public relations. I think it's more important to work on major issues that fundamentally affect education, fiscal policy, health care. I personally don't believe Gov. Pawlenty has done a good job on that yet." Just don't call them personal attacks. "On a personal level, heck, he's very charming," Pogemiller said, his staccato voice jumping nearly an octave. "On a personal level we get along great. But this is business, and so far, it's a disappointment." Meet Larry Pogemiller, 53, chairman of the Senate Taxes Committee and self-described Type-A personality. A longtime Capitol dealmaker with a well-known penchant for theatrics, Pogemiller has stepped up as one of Pawlenty's chief adversaries as Democrats try to outmaneuver the savvy governor in a session with high stakes for both parties. Pawlenty shrugged off the comments. "I just chalk it up to Larry being Larry," he said. "He's kind of become a parody of himself." Pogemiller said he's more shy and private than his public self suggests and that reading accounts of himself in the newspaper often makes him "cringe," but political opponents say Pogemiller says or does little without ulterior motives. "He's got a tremendously quick mind," said Sen. Bill Belanger of Bloomington, the lead Republican on the Taxes Committee. "I can sit down and meet with him for an hour and when we're done, I'm totally exhausted." He has been at it for 24 years, but Pogemiller still relishes politics. In committee hearings, at press conferences or on public affairs talk shows, he's outspoken and aggressive amid a sea of Minnesota nice. "I'm not Lutheran," Pogemiller joked. Unlike many other top Capitol players, Pogemiller holds no aspirations for higher office, making it easy for him to play bad cop for his party. He represents a liberal Senate district likely to elect him as long as he wants to keep running. This session, Pogemiller crafted a Senate strategy of passing some small pieces of Pawlenty's budget agenda — enough to keep state government running should another session end in a political stalemate, but not granting Pawlenty anything on his wish list. Republicans call it a cop-out, only meant as political cover for Democrats if the House and Senate can't agree on a budget. They say Democrats haven't offered viable alternatives to Pawlenty's plan, opting for simple criticism instead. Not so, Pogemiller said, switching from aggressive to passive. "He's the governor, I'm just one lowly legislator," Pogemiller said at one press conference. Also, as he did two years ago, Pogemiller is going to great lengths to make the case that property taxes are rising as a result of Pawlenty's pledge not to raise state taxes. Pogemiller has proposed freezing local property tax levies, arguing that the state is retreating on commitments to cities and schools. The freeze could force deep cuts, but he has said it would let Minnesotans see the true consequences of Pawlenty's pledge. Belanger, who said discerning Pogemiller's motives sometimes "keeps me awake at night," said Republicans underestimate him at their own risk. "Only he knows what cards he's holding and how he's going to play them," Belanger said. "You have to figure out where he's going — and what traps he's setting." Pogemiller admits that clear purpose usually lurks behind his bluster and makes no apologies about his negotiating tactics. "I think it's either a compliment or a criticism that I'm a tough negotiator," he said. "It depends who it's coming from." Sen. Mee Moua, DFL-St. Paul, shares an office suite with Pogemiller, and their families have become friends. She said Pogemiller's larger-than-life image at the Capitol belies a kind personality, recalling he was one of two senators to send her flowers in 2002 when she became the nation's first Hmong-American senator. "I think his persona as a politician is not the most accurate reflection of who he is at home, in the community," Moua said. "I think his political persona was developed to reflect what he wants, which is to protect kids, and seniors, and the disadvantaged." Pogemiller's Senate district is among the most diverse in the state, taking in working-class northeast Minneapolis, rapidly gentrifying areas across the river from downtown, the University of Minnesota campus and the Cedar-Riverside area, which has seen a huge influx of immigrants in recent years. Pogemiller was born in the district, and still lives just blocks from his alma mater, De La Salle High School, whose basketball team he still faithfully roots for. Pogemiller holds a graduate degree in public administration from Harvard, and has worked as an economic consultant, but unlike most colleagues who retain outside careers, he has given himself over to full-time lawmaking. "This is an individual who has given up any other career to dedicate himself to this work," Moua said. "If he was a lawyer, he'd be the sharpest lawyer there is. If he was a surgeon, he'd be the most meticulous surgeon. He happens to be a politician, and he's going to be the best politician he can be." A new father in the last three years, Pogemiller has mellowed some, colleagues say. Rep. Ron Abrams, a former Republican tax chairman, said in recent years he's seen Pogemiller become "less interested in suffering over every single semicolon." Three years ago Pogemiller and his longtime partner, Jill Griffiths, adopted a toddler from China. Their daughter Sky Li is now 5, and they've since adopted a second daughter, Jia Xin, now 18 months. "Having done that later in life, it's been real educational and energizing," Pogemiller said. "I was kind of at that age where I thought, you know, I'll never have children. But then we decided to do this. Everybody always says to you, you know, 'You don't totally get it until you have kids.' The truth of the matter is, that's kind of true." So while he's still at the tip of the DFL's spear when the party confronts Pawlenty on budget issues, he said he also now knows there is more to life than politics. "When we got our daughter, I remember one day at 4:25 (in the afternoon) I looked at the clock and said, 'I'm going home,'" Pogemiller said. "And I was walking out to the car when I thought, 'My God, in 25 years I've never done that.'" Source: Associated Press, April 9, 2005|W|P|111305944639768860|W|P|LARRY "THE JERK" POGEMILLER|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com10/12/2005 09:04:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Glenda the Good Witch|W|P|Looks like Sen. Pogemiller has more in common with Gov. Pawlenty than he would care to admit...

"Members of the Tax Working Group met Tues., June 7, to discuss a variety of provisions that the panel had delegated to individual pairs of negotiators for possible resolution. The panel, led by Sen. Lawrence Pogemiller (DFL-Mpls.) and Rep. Philip Krinkie (R-Lino Lakes), considered provisions relating to an international economic development zone, tax benefits for members of the military, taxation of cabin property and an expanded definition of the term "tax" to include fees and other assessed charges."

Minnesota Senate Committee on Taxes Update

http://www.senate.leg.state.mn.us/committee/2005-2006/tax/update.htm4/08/2005 07:57:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|This is what happens when one political party dominates a city. ## Developer would pay big sum to defeat 3 council members Central Minneapolis developer Hamoudi Sabri is willing to pay whatever it takes -- possibly $1 million -- to help elect a new City Council. In Sunday's Star Tribune, he placed an unusual classified ad seeking a "public relations professional/political organizer." The ad read: "Money no object for best candidate. Start immediately. Design media and community campaign re: City of Mpls wards 9,6 & 8 elections. Please call 612-622-4000." In an interview Wednesday, Sabri said, "I'll spend a million dollars. Whatever it takes to do legally." Asked whether he truly has that kind of money to spend, he said, "Of course I do." But Sabri said he doesn't "know how the system works" so he's willing to hire someone. "I'm not supporting anybody," he said of the City Council. "I think we need a complete overhaul in City Hall." Sabri aims much of his anger at Ninth Ward Council Member Gary Schiff, whom he calls "Schiffty." Schiff, a DFLer, took the ad in stride, blowing up a photocopied version and taping it to his office door. "I think this is the age-old case of developers wanting to influence City Hall. Here it's just out in the open," Schiff said. During an interview, Sabri mentioned several times his property at Cedar Avenue and E. Lake Street. Schiff noted that the Planning Commission, on which he sits, recently unanimously rejected Sabri's proposal for a shopping center. During a conversation, Sabri mentioned many times the legal troubles that his brother, Basim Sabri, has had. Basim Sabri awaits sentencing for his December federal conviction on three counts of bribery for his dealings with former City Council Member Brian Herron. Sabri said the convictions are one reason he needs to hire a consultant rather than do the work himself. He said he chose to target the three central-city wards because that's where he owns property and does business. In addition to his distaste for Schiff, of whom he says, "I can call him anything I want; he's a public figure," Sabri said he eschews public subsidies. "I'm really fed up with how this city's run," he said. "We've got morons running the city of Minneapolis." David Schultz, an ethics professor at Hamline University in St. Paul, said Sabri would be required to register his group with the county and disclose revenue of $100 and above. He faces no limits on what he can spend independently on the races, Schultz said. Sabri said Wednesday that the political job remains open. Source: Star Tribune, April 8, 2005|W|P|111297275007385682|W|P|"WE'VE GOT MORONS RUNNING THE CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS"|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/09/2005 06:57:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Jason|W|P|What else is new, we got morons running the whole damn country........4/07/2005 10:18:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Senator Hillary Clinton is having a fundraiser for her U.S. Senate campaign on Saturday at the home of Vance Opperman. Clinton is also speaking at the annual DFL Humphrey Day Dinner. The listed hosts of the event are Ford Bell, Lois Quam, Matt Entenza, Michele & Ted Grindal, Buck Humphrey, Adrienne & Steve Oesterle, Blois & Lou Ann Olson, Kathleen Flynn Peterson, Ruth Usem, and Marge & Irv Weiser. The event begins at 4:00 p.m. and the cost is $1000 per person. I would bet Klobuchar and Wetterling are not happy with Clinton taking Minnesota money away from their U.S. Senate campaign. |W|P|111289557004291604|W|P|HILLARY CLINTON FUNDRAISER ON SATURDAY|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/08/2005 09:03:00 AM|W|P|Blogger a.k. agikamik|W|P|MDE, I've come to expect better. For a condescending-righty-with-too-much-time-on-his-hands, you normally provide fairly cogent, albeit slanted perspective.

Your take on the Hillary visit exposes either your ignorance of power politcs or your need to create controversy out of nothing.

Hillary's visit tomorrow at the HHH Day Dinner will generate enormous incremental dollars for the state DFL's coffers. All MN Dems, including Amy and Patty will appreciate this. Both women will be clammering for a photo with Clinton to boot.

Furthermore, the folks paying $1,000 a head to see Vance's house, drink serviceable Chardonnay, nibble on passed chicken satay and shake Hillary's hand are perfectly capable to max out for Amy, Patty or both of them if they so choose.

Hillary adds prestige, dollars to the Primary victor and some solid early free media. A quicky fundraiser is an easy bank shot for a visit like this and hurts no one.

The more interesting story here (completely unreported by anyone)is the timing of Karl Rove's visit and what's behind that. I'm not talking about the bogus T Paw for Pres blather, I'm talking about the national chess game at play.

Rove visits today. Recall that the visit was scheduled relatively last minute and well after Hillary's HHH speech was announced. Why did he do it? To change the story this weekend from "HILLARY" to "National leaders from both parties visit MN battleground".

It reminds me of a move Bill Clinton made in 2000 to blunt a Rod Grams GOP free media bonanza.

To great fanfare you may recall President Clinton accepted an invitation to Carleton College's graduation ceremony. Why? The answer had nothing to do with Carleton's "stellar reputation", but rather had everything to do with the fact that its date coincided with the GOP endorsement coronation of then-Senator Grams.

Clinton's cap and gown performance stole Grams' thunder and dominated the weekend's headlines.

Same game, different players. Try and keep up, MDE.4/12/2005 12:09:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|My source heard about the Rove event more than two months ago.

Visits from high-ranking presidential staff members are not scheduled at the last minute.

Nice try.4/13/2005 08:53:00 AM|W|P|Blogger a.k. agikamik|W|P|MDE -

It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong. Your response demonstrates that you are not a big man.

Eibensteiner's announcement of Rove's April 8 visit came on March 30, exactly one week after ABC News reported on Hillary's speech.

Rove was scheduled long ago for two Wisconsin GOP fundraisers on April 9. His MN visit was tacked on late to help control the news cycle. Pretty basic.

This was not a sinister move by the White House, just smart utilization of available political resources. This doesn't point to a problem with the GOP, but it does call into question your credibility as a self-appointed policeman for Minnesota Democratic party activities.

Of course none of this addresses your lame attempt to create an issue around Hillary's visit when none existed.

If you need a refresher on Politics 101, there are plenty of night school adult ed classes available. C-SPAN is a good option too. Good luck.4/13/2005 09:16:00 AM|W|P|Blogger a.k. agikamik|W|P|MDE -

It takes a big man to admit when he has a lot to learn. Your response indicates you are not a big man.

Ron Eibensteiner announced Rove's April 8 Minnesota visit on March 30, exactly one week after ABC News reported Hillary's visit.

Rove had long standing plans to keynote two Wisconsin GOP fundraisers on April 9. The White House wisely tacked on the Minnesota stop to control the news cycle. Pretty basic.

There was nothing sinister in the White House move, it was just smart utilization of available political resources.

This doesn't point to a problem with the GOP, rather it exposes you as remarkably unqualified to serve as a self-appointed policeman of Democratic Party activities.

I suggest night school or C-SPAN to help you bridge your knowledge gap. Good luck.4/13/2005 11:11:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|I have no problem admitting when I am wrong, but I am not. The Rove event was planned before Hilary's event.4/13/2005 11:53:00 AM|W|P|Blogger a.k. agikamik|W|P|sorry about the double entry - didn't realize the first one went through. More to follow.4/07/2005 08:48:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|The chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean, will be visting Minnesota for a speech to benefit the ACLU of Minnesota Foundation. Click here to order tickets. Earplugs will not provided.|W|P|111288925551951547|W|P|YEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!! HOWARD DEAN COMING TO MINNESOTA|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/06/2005 04:44:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Charge, counter-charge over gay marriage amendment DFL legislators are misleading their constituents about the proposed amendment for a gay marriage ban, an advocate for the measure said Wednesday, but a DFL senator said the charge was inaccurate. Jeff Davis, president of Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage, held a press conference at which he displayed letters from DFL members to constituents and polling data showing strong support for the amendment. Legislators are arguing that the law is unnecesary because Minnesota already has a state law that defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman, but they are not telling citizens that judges in seven states have overturned existing marriage laws, including at least one law like Minnesota's, Davis said. Davis also argued that while DFLers are telling folks that the issue is unimportant to voters, polling data consistently shows that about 60 percent or more of Minnesotans oppose gay marriage and favor being allowed to vote on the amendment. State. Sen. Don Betzold, DFL-Fridley, said that unlike the other states, Minnesota already has a ruling from the state Supreme Court in the 1970s that serves as a precedent forbidding same-sex marriages. And while a majority of Minnesotans may disapprove of gay marriage, polling data also shows that citizens rank gay marriage as one of the least important issues, far behind concerns such as education and health-care and taxes and budgets, Betzold said. "The constitution says we have to balance our budget, that's our priority, Betzold said. Major rallies for and against the amendment are on tap over the next two weeks. OutFront Minnesota, an organization that opposes the amendment will hold a rally today and plans to send some 1,300 activists to lobby legislators directly. A "Stand Together for Marriage Rally" will be held April 20. Source: Star Tribune, April 6, 2005|W|P|111283199197489874|W|P|DFL CONTINUES FIGHT AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE AMENDMENT|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/06/2005 08:38:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Michael M|W|P|In 1965 a Gallup poll of Southern whites found 72% wanted interracial marriage banned. What if the majority were allowed to prevail over the minority in those states?

This is not a "Gay Marriage" issue. This is a equality and human rights issue.

Quit fanning the flames of hatred and focus on some issues that will really make a difference in people's lives.4/07/2005 09:07:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Sipidation|W|P|Question for you Michael:

What rights are being denied?4/07/2005 12:43:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Sipidation|W|P|The rally today just got over with. Didn't see the steps themselves, but judging from the people leaving it was a fairly large crowd.4/07/2005 03:33:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Michael M|W|P|Notice I said this is a human rights issue and said nothing about denial of rights.

Definition: "Human rights are those basic standards without which people cannot live in dignity. To violate someone’s human rights is to treat that person as though she or he were not a human being. To advocate human rights is to demand that the human dignity of all people be respected."

Put yourself in the other person's shoes for a moment. If this legislation was aimed at you, would you feel you were being treated as a human being? Is your dignity being respected?4/08/2005 06:44:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Sipidation|W|P|Actually it was the word Equality in your post that made me believe you were stating rights were being denied.

Definition: “The state or quality of being equal.”4/17/2005 04:05:00 PM|W|P|Blogger lloydletta|W|P|This rally is being held on Hitler's birthday. That is quite appropriate. From a Dump Bachmann tipster:

"The National Government will regard it as it's first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality and the family as the basis of national life."

Whose quote is this...President Bush, Congressman Delay, or State Senator Michelle Bachman?


Adolph Hitler, MY New World Order, Proclamation to the German Nation, Berlin, February 1, 1933

100% of the people personaly polled by me have answered Bachmann.4/06/2005 01:11:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|A press release from Amy Klobuchar's campaign lists Laura Mortenson as the campaign's spokesperson. I think this is the same Laura Mortenson who quit working for St. Paul mayor Randy Kelly after he endorsed President Bush in 2004. According to yesterday's Star Tribune, Mike Dorsey will be a campaign spokesman for Wetterling's campaign. Dorsey was previously employed by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee as deputy research director. |W|P|111281898955619795|W|P|DFL SENATE CAMPAIGNS HIRING STAFF|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/06/2005 12:29:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|"Mike Dorsey, campaign spokesman for Wetterling, said she would announce her Senate candidacy soon. 'She is running,' he said. 'Patty is building one of the largest grassroots campaigns ever in the state of Minnesota.'" Source: Star Tribune, April 6, 2005 So if you raise over $200,000 less than your competition, that's evidence of you "building one of the largest grassroots campaigns in the state of Minnesota." Nice try Mike.|W|P|111281696211634464|W|P|WETTERLING'S FUNDRAISING AMOUNT NO EVIDENCE OF HER "BUILDING ONE OF THE LARGEST GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGNS"|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/05/2005 12:35:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Yesterday the DFL Party scheduled a press conference with a group of students, parents and teachers to protest cuts in education. The protest was to start in the Capitol rotunda and end in front of Governor Pawlenty's office. But just a few hours later, they canceled the event because they realized the Senate DFL voted for a plan to cut education spending. The Governor’s plan, supported by the House and Senate GOP, will provide at least a $477 million increase in K-12 school funding and a 5 percent funding increase over the biennium to every school district. But the DFL’s state budget plan passed on March 23rd provided NO new money for schools and even cut education funding by $3 million.|W|P|111273163427803310|W|P|WANTED: DFL FACT CHECKER|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/04/2005 06:54:00 PM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Rotenberg to skip bid for Senate Mark Rotenberg, the University of Minnesota's general counsel who had been considering running for the U.S. Senate, said Monday that he has decided not to run. Rotenberg had been considering running as a Democrat in 2006 for the seat being vacated by Sen. Mark Dayton, D-Minn. "The mountain of money necessary to deliver my message is daunting, and I would rather spend my time working on the issues rather than be consumed with the full-time task of fundraising," he said in a written statement. Two Democrats -- Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar and child-safety advocate Patty Wetterling -- have taken preliminary steps toward running, and others are considering joining the race. On the Republican side, U.S. Rep. Mark Kennedy and former Sen. Rod Grams have announced their candidacies. Source: Star Tribune, April 4, 2005|W|P|111266625933238384|W|P|ANOTHER DFLer NAMED MARK WON'T RUN FOR THE U.S. SENATE|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/04/2005 11:42:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Please sit down before reading this post: The Mike Erlandson Show can be heard on Air America Minnesota (950 AM), today and every Monday from 5:00 - 6:00 pm. According to my sources, the show is scheduled for the next eight weeks. Erlandson's guest this week is Governor Howard Dean, the Chair of the Democratic National Committee. MDE will be monitoring the program and I encourage you to call the show at 952-946-6205 and ask Erlandson some tough questions. Check back next Monday for updates and information on the Mike Erlandson Show.|W|P|111264094273123957|W|P|THE MIKE ERLANDSON SHOW|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/02/2005 11:49:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Kelly's campaign is outmaneuvering the entire political machine of the St. Paul DFL. This is one of the best strategic moves I have ever read about. ## Kelly won't seek DFL endorsement Letter also appears to favor Ortega as opponent St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly won't seek the DFL endorsement this year, apparently the first time in his 30-year political career that he's ceding his party's official blessing. "I write this letter to you today to let you know, respectfully, that I will not seek the endorsement of the DFL Party for re-election," Kelly wrote in a two-page message that arrived in mailboxes around the city Friday and was obtained by the Pioneer Press. "While my personal choice for President last year was George W. Bush, I remain a Democrat," Kelly wrote. "Like many of you, I believe that our obligations as citizens sometimes must transcend partisan politics." Nonetheless, Kelly apparently couldn't resist the opportunity to dabble in the machinations of the DFL endorsement process, which is grinding toward a citywide convention April 30. Kelly's letter reminds DFLers that former City Council Member Chris Coleman was "a candidate against DFL endorsed candidate for Congress, Betty McCollum." He also praises Coleman for standing "with me and the Saint Paul Chamber as we became involved in the campaign for City Council in Ward Two." Kelly and Coleman campaigned against DFL-endorsed candidate Dave Thune, who narrowly won that 2003 election. "And, of course, it's well known that Chris rejected the endorsement of the DFL Party to support me as mayor in 2001," the letter says. It later refers to rival Rafael Ortega's "history of supporting DFL candidates." Party loyalty has been a key issue in the neck-and-neck race for the DFL endorsement this year, the subject of regular — and often pointed — questions during appearances by Coleman and Ortega, the Ramsey County commissioner who represents downtown, the West Side and Highland Park. Observers think Kelly's letter hints at a preference for running against Ortega, hoping — with a backhanded compliment — to swing the endorsement to the three-term commissioner and knock Coleman out of the race. Both Coleman and Ortega have promised to abide by the party's endorsement, which means one of them is likely to bow out of the race by May 1. If the letter was meant to boost Ortega's prospects, his campaign didn't appreciate the help on Friday. "Whether Randy knows it or not, Rafael will be his strongest opponent, and we'll teach him that in November," said campaign spokesman Ken Iosso, after seeing the letter. Coleman's response was even more pointed. "What this letter is about is preventing me from getting the DFL endorsement," he said. "It's pretty clear that I am his biggest threat, and he is trying to manipulate the process." He conceded that his past endorsements are "an issue." "But when I talk to people on an individual basis, I tell them that I have always supported DFL candidates," Coleman said. "I was out door-knocking for John Kerry last fall when (Kelly) was supporting George Bush and when he stayed neutral in 2002, I was out working for Paul Wellstone." Vince Muzik, spokesman for the Kelly campaign, said the letter was simply laying out the mayor's position and explaining his decision not to seek the party endorsement, which long had been surmised. "We're not interested in what they're doing on their side," Muzik said. "That's their business." Which is not true, strictly speaking: Kelly's mailing also includes a "St. Paul Mayor's Race Fair Campaign Pledge," which lays out six guidelines he would like to see in the campaign. The pledge includes Kelly's signature and a corresponding blank for each of the other candidates to sign. The pledge features a commitment to discuss the public policy issues, refrain from prejudicial remarks and avoid negative attacks, including "unwarranted invasions of personal privacy unrelated to campaign issues." It also includes an unusual exhortation to abstain from "appeals to prejudice based on … political affiliation." Neither the Ortega campaign nor Coleman's said it has any intention of signing the pledge. Coleman noted that his own political affiliations are one of the central subjects of Kelly's letter. "I've always run my campaign with this pledge, minus the elimination of the discussion about politics," Coleman said. "Basically, he's saying that he's afraid to talk about it. He wants to keep people from talking about the fact that he's a Republican in Democratic clothing." Iosso, Ortega's spokesman, said their campaign would be happy to discuss an agreement but that unilateral regulation "is basically not worthy of comment at this point." The Kelly campaign said the pledge was merely an expression of the standards by which the mayor intended to run his re-election campaign this year. It isn't precisely clear whom the letter is meant for. The Kelly campaign said it was mailed to those who attended last year's precinct caucuses, which drew large crowds for the presidential election. But that list would be much bigger and might not include all of the 500 or so delegates who will be attending this year's city convention at Arlington High School to endorse a candidate for mayor. DFL officials said the Kelly campaign asked this week for data on this year's delegates but didn't offer to seek the endorsement and didn't get the list. Source: Pioneer Press, April 2, 2005 |W|P|111247240452717278|W|P|KELLY vs. THE ST. PAUL DFL|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com4/03/2005 07:43:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Micah|W|P|What I don't get is why Kelly still calls himself a DFLer. He is pro-smoking in the workplace, anti-labor and endorsed Bush. Maybe he can start cheating on his wife, switch to the GOP and run for US Senate so he can kiss Bush's ass full-time! Ooh, he should also go to Coleman's dentist, the man is a miracle worker!5/01/2005 11:47:00 AM|W|P|Blogger bete gris|W|P|What juvenile crap is that?
You are heading for the sidelines with that nonsense. Stay understanding who pays taxes and who decides things in this town4/01/2005 07:43:00 AM|W|P|Minnesota Democrats Exposed|W|P|Hatch for Governor took a big hit today. ## Allina seeks action against Hatch Dispute stems from lawsuit Allina Hospitals & Clinics and Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch exchanged accusations and invective in court filings Thursday, intensifying an acrimonious battle over Hatch's antitrust lawsuit against the Minneapolis-based health system. In a motion in Ramsey County District Court, Allina accuses Hatch of making "frivolous and baseless claims" against it and is asking the court to sanction Hatch's office, including requiring it to pay the hospital system's related legal fees and costs. That would include the $250,000 Allina says it spent in responding to Hatch's requests for documents. Allina said it made "this extraordinary motion for sanctions against the attorney general of Minnesota because the attorney general's extraordinary actions compel it." Meanwhile, Hatch calls Allina's motion "a spectacular flop," and argues its claims are, "when stripped to their essence, shrill but hollow rhetoric." "This motion is nothing but a poorly designed press release," Hatch said Thursday. Allina's filings also add details to its allegations last month that Hatch erred in his lawsuit because any merger talks between Allina and two major Twin Cities-area cardiology clinics have been dead for more than a year. The hospital system at that time asked the court to dismiss Hatch's original antitrust complaint regarding Allina's efforts to acquire the St. Paul Heart Clinic in St. Paul and Metropolitan Cardiology Consultants in Coon Rapids. Hatch worries that a merger between Allina and the two clinics would double the size of Allina's cardiology practice, allowing them to control nearly four of every 10 cardiologists in the area. Allina could compel the cardiologists to refer patients to Allina hospitals and force insurers to pay high prices, while making it tough for new competition, according to his complaint. In its latest volley, Allina accuses Hatch of "reckless disregard for the truth" in making "false" allegations against it, including some that he "knows … are false." The hospital system claims that merger talks were cut off in January a year ago and have not been restarted. Allina argues that Hatch has been unreasonable in abruptly calling off meetings with its executives, including accusing Allina CEO Dick Pettingill "of lying" and then later declaring that "the facts are irrelevant." Hatch defends his lawsuit and the claims made in them, including his contention that the merger talks continued long after Allina claims they were over. "A whole series of documents show that they've continued to engage in merger talks," Hatch said Thursday. Hatch argues Allina's quality program with the two clinics is subterfuge for merger talks. Allina insists that they are working on ways to "reduce costs, improve quality and enhance access to care" with the clinics. Hatch points out that Allina and the clinics have declined to sign off on a proposed agreement drafted by Hatch's office that there would be no mergers within three years. Allina says they have made a number of public declarations denying that merger negotiations are in the offing. Source: Pioneer Press, April 1, 2005|W|P|111237080882370068|W|P|HATCH ACCUSED OF "RECKLESS DISREGARD FOR THE TRUTH"|W|P|minnesotademocratsexposed@hotmail.com